5 Magical, Astounding Benefits of Music

Music has many effects and benefits.” For me, it’s a reliable company when I am alone in my journey. Lalim no!? Well ganito ‘yan, whenever I travel to Makati, Ortigas, and Manila (traffic man o sobrang traffic) basta ba may music sa aking tenga, na-e-enjoy ko ang viaje. Minsan pa nga I prefer to travel solo because I want to do sound trip than to chat with someone kasi mas prone ako sa hilo and I hate to watch TV na malabo. Anyway highway let’s talk about its magic.

Music can set your mood

How important Musical score is in a movie? Very important! May mga eksena na wala lang talaga e, but because of a touching song you   feel the agony, the intense or the depth. It’s also applicable in day-to- day life like when you want to concentrate, be energized or have an instant diversion. I recommend, when you feel angry, down, or feel negative listen first to uplifting songs to neutralize your tension.

“When you’re stressed, you might make a decision more hastily; you have a very narrow focus of attention,” University of Miami Prof Teresa Lesiuk shared with New York Times. “When you’re in a positive mood, you’re able to take in more options.”

Music can boost your productivity?

Di ba, when you’re in good mood, you’re most likely become productive. For me, music can increase or decrease my productivity level depending on genre or concentration I need.   I think what works for me is to have music break than to play songs while I’m doing my tasks. Kapag maganda kasi ang music napapakanta ako or my imagination kicks in so I become distracted. Kaya at first I question if listening to music while working helps to boost productivity.

old music player

However according to The Guardian’s report, there are situations that listening to songs is advisable to have better concentration or become productive.   Let’s say the person next to your cubicle or table is noisy, better to put headset and listen to a soothing song kaysa magtiis sa kanya ganern! Also, the type of music you’ll use is vital as there are songs that make you sad or wild :p

 Music is influential as it can unite people   

I remember when Ka Freddie Aguilar called the attention of internationally acclaimed Filipino artists to sing Filipino songs in their performances. Though his opinion might sound rough, I agree with his reasons that music is its influential and choose no boundaries.  In fact, many KPop fans can attest that though they not get the lyrics deeply, they still they like certain Korean songs.  I, myself, like few Japanese, Taiwanese, Korean, Spanish, French, and Thai songs because of beats, melody, and voice of the singers.

Same with worship songs, you don’t need to be religious to appreciate Christian music. They can give you wisdom, encouragement, and inspiration.

Let me share my experience when I was a kid. If I’m correct, the first song I was able to memorize was the Christian song ‘Banta‘ written and sung by Butch Charvet. I could sing it accurately (or almost) even if sa totoo lang hind pa ako marunong magbasa.  I was able to do that because every day my Kuya Lhon always played that song. He’s studying how to play it on his guitar so in the end I also learned to sing it too. By the way, my favorite worship songs are Who Am I,   Huwag mo Sanang Isipin by Ricky Sanchez, Awit Para kay  Kleyr at  Bilangin mo Man ang Bituin by  Butch Charvet, Take Me Out of the  Dark by  Gary Valenciano, Give Thanks by Don Moen, I See You Lord  by Aiza Seguerra.

Music  is life-changing

Aiza Seguerra’s Love Life Concert

When it comes to health we know that music is also use for some treatments which is truly magical. On the other hand, we also know how many people have life-changing experiences because of music.  Wala na nga  ‘yan sa  medium  because we  can attest  that even from  phonograph disc to  cassette  tape, CD to digital one what matters  is the recorded  songs  sa mga iyon.   Without music, there’s no sold out albums, hit concerts, and great singers.

What particular song that uplift your spirit? What’s the benefit of music for you?

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