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How To Retire Earlier Than Usual?   Recently updated !

Motivation, it’s a simple and common word. However it’s also the word we often forget because we are distracted with many ideas that it takes someone to tap our shoulders to get back in the right direction.  Clear your schedule on June 20; radio host, book author, and motivational speaker Chinkee Tan has ‘Ka-Chink,  a wealth conference […]

The General's Hats

lisa macuja elizalde axl

So You Can Dance? Maki-Yugyugan Para sa Kultura ng Bayan! 1   Recently updated !

Most of Filipinos are born dancers, especially with dancing we can express our sentiment about the music of our lives.  In coming International Dance Day and  National Dance Week,  National Commission on Culture and the Arts (NCCA) with special participation of Prima Ballerina Lisa Macuja – Elizalde will stage  Yugyugan para sa Kultura ng Bayan.  So […]

Run for a Cause with Cowboy Grill’s Pa-Run ng Cowboy! 1   Recently updated !

Do you ever feel that you have to run because you want something? Stretching your legs so you’ll be flexible and not fall down? However if you stumble, you’re conditioned that this run is the race you have to win? By the way, why are you running? I hope it’s for a cause like Cowboy […]

Pa -run ng cowboy official poster

buboy villar

Movie Review: Kid Kulafu ( Manny Pacquioa)   Recently updated !

Kid Kulafu is a film based on life story of Filipino boxing champ Manny Pacquaio. Compare to other early Pacman’s  flicks such as Pacquioa: The Movie starring Jericho  Rosales, Kid Kulafu centers on young Emmanuel’s life (played by Buboy Villar) before his international boxing fights. This latest movie is directed by Paul Soriano (yes the fiance […]

Take a Big Bite of E-Commerce in the Philippines; Learn the Future of Doing Business Now 1

E-commerce is not new in the Philippines, but somehow it is sad that only few Filipino entrepreneurs know how to use it well in expanding or boosting their companies.  Do we stay left behind in e-business because of ignorance and fear of using technology? Hopefully not!
Business can be simple as point and shoot camera.   Manufacture/ buy/ […]

Digital Filipino  E-commerce class exercise  2