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Movie Review: Dukot starring Enrique Gil, directed by Paul Soriano   wow updated !

Nagandahan ako sa pagkakagawa ng Kid Kulafu ni direk Paul Soriano.  Kaya isang factor yan ba’t ko pinanood ang Dukot. Subalit, ang main reason  ba’t ako mas lalo pang ginanahan ay  dahil kay Enrique Gil. Biruin mo si Quen nasa independent suspense thriller film?
Sa lahat ng sikat na love team […]

Dukot starring Enrique Gil (2)

Philippine Peso Bills with Name of Universities

3 Thought-Provoking Ideals in Money Management

Lately, I’m fascinated with different philosophies, psychology and ideals that are connected to Money Management, Career, and Life.  Dahil d’yan maybe I become weirder, but somehow bolder and wiser. Liberating din kasi when you find explanations for your personal questions.

It will help you to recognize your unique qualities
and discover ways […]

The power of self-study for transformation; Essay sa Tamang Pag-aaral

Nung  isang araw nabasa ko ito “Formal ‪‎education will make you a ‪‎living; ‪‎self-education (or self-study) will make you a‪ ‎fortune.” Quote ito mula kay Jim Rohn, isang motivational speaker, author and entrepreneur. Pagkatapos nito ay naisip ko kung magaling ba ako sa pagse-self study, ano nga ba ang nagawa sa akin ng self-education, at […]

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Looking for? [Love Padlock, South Korea]

Questions To Ask About Your Job Search…Red Flags!

Naturally if we’re unemployed or in LBM [looking for better management] mode, our ultimate goal is to find new job as soon as possible.  Luckily,  job hunting is easy these days because of websites and ways to connect with potential employers [ LinkedIn and Facebook groups]. However unless we’re bidding […]

Who are the Fascinating Marvel characters…for Hoshi?

I didn’t create a movie review about X Men Apocalypse, but I like this Bryan Singer’s film.  Na- meet  naman ang expectations ko and  it wowed me especially in Quick Silver’s part. Feeling ko they really want to strengthen Pietro Maximoff’s persona to match The Flash. Anyway, it’s cool that […]

Kaya ba talaga ng super powers mo?