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Questions To Ask About Your Job Search…Red Flags!   wow updated !

Naturally if we’re unemployed or in LBM [looking for better management] mode, our ultimate goal is to find new job as soon as possible.  Luckily,  job hunting is easy these days because of websites and ways to connect with potential employers [ LinkedIn and Facebook groups]. However unless we’re bidding […]

Looking for? [Love Padlock, South Korea]

Kaya ba talaga ng super powers mo?

Who are the Fascinating Marvel characters…for Hoshi?   wow updated !

I didn’t create a movie review about X Men Apocalypse, but I like this Bryan Singer’s film.  Na- meet  naman ang expectations ko and  it wowed me especially in Quick Silver’s part. Feeling ko they really want to strengthen Pietro Maximoff’s persona to match The Flash. Anyway, it’s cool that […]

5 Common Pinoy Money Management Attitude Problems

Filipinos are great people in general. Our passions in life are determined by our strong faith and love.  Kaya hanggang we honor saying “opo” and “mahal kita [kita is not YOU – it means “You and I]”; and do respectful gestures such as “mano” and “pagpapaalam” [getting permission], Filipino spirit […]

Pagbanta ng Panahon

wallets  by hoshilandia.com

6 Unpopular, Weird Money-Saving Tricks Part 2 2

Who wants to be a millionaire? We all want that and perhaps more than being a rich [by amount], our ultimate goal is FINANCIAL FREEDOM. However many Filipinos are like me, born poor and not genius [ingenious lang] to buy whatever I desire.  So paanong gagawin to earn and save kwarta […]

6 Unpopular, Weird Ways to Save Money part 1 4

Kailan lang ay na-realize ko na nagtatagal ako sa isang project not mainly because of salary at hindi naman usually malaki ang sahod ko. Pero kahit na ganun ay naitatawid ko naman ang mga mga gastusin ko sa buhay at nakakapag-invest pa ako kahit papaano. Wala akong ibang masasagot kundi […]

Money-Saving Glass Jar by Hoshilandia