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Nora Aunor, a Philippine National Artist?

Sa aking post na Ang Pinakapaboritong Nora Aunor Movies  na reaksyon ko sa feature story ng Sunday TV show na Ang Pinaka hosted before ni Pia Guianio (now ni Rovilson Fernandez) ay mas lalo kong napagtanto na kahanga-hanga nga ang husay sa  pag-arte ng tinaguriang Superstar of  Philippine Cinema. At nakapagtataka naman para sa akin kung […]

Nora Aunor


Why You Need Life Insurance?

The thought of death brings Goosebumps and sadness for many.  Let’s face it, we can afford cosmetics and surgeries to look younger but not freedom from dying.  If you are into personal finance, achieving that financial freedom involves avoiding savings wreckers – unemployment, debt and emergency. What you need to prevent these things? Life Insurance !
The […]

Tanghalang Pilipino features Extra Ordinary stories

What is life without challenges and dramas?  Isn’t amazing, Isn’t surprising, Isn’t…? Well, guess what Tanghalang Pilipino Foundation Inc.  will stage stories of common people with extra ordinary stories that surely awe-inspiring and very entertaining. On their 28th theater season these are their plays you should watch at the Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP).
Playwright: LAYETA BUCOY […]


Lindsay taub

Gdays Manila: Google, Businesswomen, Adwords, etc. 3

Because I’m a blogger and robust businesswoman wannabe , I’m enthusiastic to know about Google products. Lately, I’m active in Google Plus / Hangout since it has interesting features such as screen share that I use for my training.  But for years, I’m also using Drive and Analytics for work and blogging.
#GdaysMANILA x #GBGWomen
Without a single company and […]

7 Truths about Working in the Philippines 3

This post is supposed to be super positive like giving advice and citing the perks of being  employees. But since nawala somewhere ang draft ng post na ito and for us also to reflect  what we experienced in the corporate world, work field, career ladder etc., ito muna ang 7 common things or truths about […]

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