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How to stay safe and smart internet user?

Before and after Philippine Presidential Election I learned and realized so many things about Filipino voters and digital citizens. We’re not only active and opinionated internet users, we’re also easily swayed by internet trolls and web campaigners who use our strong sentiments in favor of their ulterior motives. Apart from […]

Balitang Sining: Premier Pinoy Designer helps Habitat, NCCA’s Arts in Public Spaces

since ancient civilization, art has many purposes like it can be an outlet for self-expression and material for communication. Today, different art forms serve as tools for meaningful causes like what Habitat for Humanity Philippines and National Commission for Culture and the Arts advocating.  Art for a Cause: furniture designer’s […]

Top 5 Stunning Churches for Weddings

Ano naiisip mo ‘pag pasok ng June?  Baka pareho tayo ng mga ideya, pero para maiba naman sa common at nega doon tayo sa June is the most popular month to marry or wedding month. May iba lang siguro nag-iba na ng sked dahil sa maulan, traffic, may pasok, at […]

Climbing sa Mt. Pamitinan Brgy. Wawa, Rizal II 1

Mabuhay ito ang second part ng Climbing  ko sa Mt. Pamitinan sa Brgy. Wawa, Rodriguez Rizal, the first mountain I hiked bilang adult ( :p) hehehe ). Sa two-part series post ko ay ibinahagi ko ang 8 Lessons I learned in Hiking at Mount Pamitinan. Lesson 6.  I am moderate […]

Hiking and Mt. Pamitinan in Brgy. Wawa, Rizal part 1 2

I already tried spelunking, snorkeling, and trekking,  but not hiking prior to our adventure at Mt. Paminitinan Rizal. How’s the experience for a first time mountain climber?  I learned different things before, during,  and after this outdoor activity nearby Metro Manila. Honestly, I read blogs about hiking experiences sa at […]