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Aromatic and Pleasing Coffee Madness 2

I’m like other coffee lovers, even instant lang, my day is totally complete  basta maka-sip ng a cup of coffee. Hindi na nga ito antidote for antok but  for me to think clearly and creatively. Basta may something dito na after few minutes I feel like I’m okay, ready, and fine to work -Coffee Madness?
For [...]

brownbag coffee solutions

WheatGrass' talk at Blogapalooza 2013

Blogapalooza 2013: Health is beauty and wealth

We all want to be beautiful and wealthy. If you have these traits good for you, but are your sure, ang mga ito lang kailangan mo sa buhay? Think again, maaaring mawala ang mga ito sa isang iglap kung hindi ka healthy.  In fact, kung mayroon kang hindi dapat pabayaan na investment, yun ay ang iyong health [...]

Looking for valuable gifts for Kids? 3

Christmas season is coming and this means another set of gift giving for very special kids in our hearts. Instead of choosing fancy gifts that are just only soothing for their eyes, why not pick those that can help to develop their cognitive abilities.  Your gift can be an experience that will never forget and [...]

daVinci Exhibit

zipmatch booth

Where to avail convenience nowadays?

If there’s one thing that we’re willing to buy is a service or product that offers convenience. Fortunately, these days more and more companies choose to deliver quality, quick-service and energy-saving items at affordable prices.  Let me share my discoveries, courtesy of Blogapalooza 2013, such as GrabTaxi, ZipMatch, and Enjoy Philippines.
Takot ako mag-taxi hindi lamang [...]

Blogapalooza: blogging + business (event for a cause) 6

This event ignited my many passions (such as entrepreneurship, blogging, and arts), satisfied my cravings (in coffee, healthy drinks, doughnuts, chicken and yummy food) and lead me to interesting services or products.

Vince Golangco,Jako de leon, Bogart the Explorer and Mike Bustos