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My interest in Business and Personal Finance flourished in 2007.  At first it’s all about reading and sharing information like  stock market, Global Financial Crisis, Philippine Economy   and so on so forth. To motivate myself in learning terms and technicalities, I initiated to personally talk with businessmen, online sellers, or street vendors and I also bought magazines and books about entrepreneurship.

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business and financial books

And like what Paulo Coelho wrote in the Alchemist:

And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.

I’m lucky that I have blog which  is an avenue for me to explore more this passion/ advocacy. From visiting wonderful stores and featuring  motivational personalities, I already receiving invites and getting more opportunities to learn (seminar/ workshops) and experience business and finance world.   Here are some of the inspiring companies, enterprising people and business ideas I gathered though the years ( plus my own small businesses):


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Finance: Tips in Frugal Living and Money Management

30-70 Rule in Saving 

Attitude Problems that affect Money Management of Filipinos


BIR Certification of Registration

Cost Averaging / Passive Investing in the Stock Market

DTI Business Registration

Emergency Fund

Financial Peace –  6 Steps to  Financial Freedom

Garbage Sale

How to Get out of Debt

Job hunting  saving tips

Magazines –  what to do with your used  old magazine copies ?

Mayor’s Permit – Guide to get Business Permit for New Small Business

Money Management Mistakes [of Yuppies]

Money Management Guide   – Money Kit by Chinkee Tan 

Chinkee Positive Money Kit

Money Saving Tricks 1

Million Pesos Calculator

Online buying tips

Retirement Fund

Business and Finance: Career or  Side Projects

Book Publishing

Business Partnership

Digital Marketing Career Talk

Digital Marketer/ Social media Strategist

Direct Selling – How I Made My First Million  by Chinkee Tan


Digital Filipino the Mind of E-commerce manager

Employment Issues in the Philippines

Franchise or online selling

Freelancing Experience 

Load Retailer 

LoadXtreme Ads 4

Online Buy and Sell

Technopreneurship – homebased business

Part time Jobs

Sari-Sari Store

Small Time  Pinay Entrepreneur –  ( Hoshi’s Business Story)


Telecommuting – Perks

Tips for Work and Business

Unemployed (opportunities while you are  looking for a full time job)  

Work from Home Problems

Business: Small and Big time enterprises

Arts & Crafts Fair

Beads Republic


Digital Marketing Lozatech 

Food Market 

 Gawa ni Femi

House for Rent

Photo Booth – Pixo Hub

Purple Bamboo Spa

Raon – shopping center for low-priced  electronic devices

Remnants Thrift Shop

T-Shirt Printing Business

Unified Products and Services

Verjube Photographics (VJP)

The Reading Room

The Yellow Violet House


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