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Saysay ng Sining: 7 Things That Dancing Has Taught Me about Life

Ang pagsasayaw ang kauna-unahang sining at talento na nadiskubre ko sa sarili ko. Ang una ko atang naipanalong trophy ay dahil sa dancing. Pero alam mo ang layo ng karera ko rito, anong nangyari? Magkagayon pa man marami akong natutuhan mula rito at dahilan na rin para gawin ito Narito ang […]

Indulge or Neglect Child Care: What’s Your Parenting Style?

Keeping or changing your Parenting style is perhaps one of the hardest things to do in parenthood. For me, parenting is a lifetime roller coaster journey of nurturing your kid’s well being. If you are a parent now, what’s your parenting style would be? How will you know if you’re […]

What Your Clothing Color Reflects About You? 4

What’s your favorite color? Do you know your clothing color choice tells something about yourself or the aura you want to exude? I believe in these things. I sport red almost every Monday because according to my Chinese friends, it’s lucky. If I am going to a job interview or expect […]

#LoveYourNerves: What you need to know about Vitamin B, Neuropathy

Commuters are considered as super #trueheroes for conquering challenging road trips day-to-day.   Puwedeng sanay na ang lahat sa senaryong ganito, but standing or sitting in a crowded public vehicle for more than 30 minutes is not a joke. Wala ka pa sa work ay stressed ka na at baka may […]

5 Magical, Astounding Benefits of Music

Music has many effects and benefits.” For me, it’s a reliable company when I am alone in my journey. Lalim no!? Well ganito ‘yan, whenever I travel to Makati, Ortigas, and Manila (traffic man o sobrang traffic) basta ba may tugtog sa aking tenga, na-e-enjoy ko ang viaje. Minsan pa […]