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3 Reasons Why to Keep old Gowns, Covers; Product Review of Perwoll Classic   wow updated !

A special occasion needs a special preparation like you don’t dress any outfit, but choose the best one for it. And  if needed,you probably spend extra money for an expensive gown, polo or dress for the event such as wedding, debut, prom, and birthday, right? But if you have old, […]

Indulge or Neglect Child Care: What’s Your Parenting Style?

Keeping or changing your Parenting style is perhaps one of the hardest things to do in parenthood. For me, parenting is a lifetime roller coaster journey of nurturing your kid’s well being. If you are a parent now, what’s your parenting style would be? How will you know if you’re […]

What Your Clothing Color Reflects About You? 4   wow updated !

What’s your favorite color? Do you know your clothing color choice tells something about yourself or the aura you want to exude? I believe in these things. I sport red almost every Monday because according to my Chinese friends, it’s lucky. If I am going to a job interview or expect […]

10 Smart Supermarket Shopping Tips for Pinoy Millennials   wow updated !

Sometimes having many choices complicates things. However if we know what’s really valuable for us, making smart decisions is easy-breezy.  Parang sa pagsa-shopping sa supermarket, we tend to become indecisive sa ilalagay sa ating grocery cart. Iyan ay kung ‘di tayo sure sa alin ang worthy at hindi. Pero paano […]