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Conrad Mananes’ art work for Hoshi

Mabuhay I am Hitokirihoshi or Hoshi and  Welcome to my Hoshilandia!

About Aspectos de hitokiriHoshi

Aspectos de hitokiriHOSHI is a personal lifestyle blogazine that features diverse interests ( and advocacy of Hoshi) ↓

  • personal finance
  • travel and food –
  • business – small-time/ startup, taxes and licences, companies, restaurants, and more
  • entertainment – movie reviews, music, TV shows, celebrities
  • career – freelancing, work-life balance, issues, and tips
  • Arts and Culture –  Philippine festivals, art fair, media conference and others
  • Digital world –  digital marketing, eCommerce, social media, and blogging
  • Hobbies – scrapbooking, recycling, creative writing, and more

You’ll find English posts on Hoshilandia, but overall the articles are written in Filipino. It’s because  Hoshi’s native language is Filipino and her readers are mostly local, students, young professionals, and Filipinos living and working abroad. Some of posts here are also being published monthly in the column  Tampok (feature) of Filipino community newspaper in JapanDaloy Kayumanggi.

Hoshilandia.com aims to:

  • share relevant and thought-provoking ideas  for Filipino yuppies, millenials, and OFWs that inspire them  become receptive, proactive, and positive.


  • give creative ideas especially for the students- here you’ll read essays, narrative stories,  poems, and art projects.


  • entertain – Hoshilandia also features interviews and stories about celebrities, events, art and music scenes, movie reviews and  more.

By the way, “Aspectos de” are Spanish words for “Aspects of.”

Achievements of Hoshilandia

In 2010, hoshilandia.com was one of the finalists for Tula or Poem ( Nasa Tao ang Gawa, nasa kalikasan ang Gantimpla) category in Saranggola Blog Awards.

saranggola blog awards 2010

Ssaranggola Blog Awards 2010

In 2011, aspectos de hitokiriHoshi was one of the finalists for National level of Personal blog category in Philippine Blog Awards  and it’s  publisher named Top 4 Homebased Blogger of the Year in Pinoy Expat Blogger Awards (PEBA).

Philippine Blog Awards

In February 2013 – I  did a blog contest [project]  entitled Blog  Life that aimed to  encourage  Filipino bloggers to recognize and realize their real reasons in blogging.

Overall, AdH  biggest achievement is to help and inspire Filipinos. It considers positive feedback as the sweetest rewards here are some comments:

Peso Sense shared Post

Here are some of my interviews/ events:

  • when Jericho Rosales revealed to  me that he wants to work with Kathryn Bernardo 

  • when Dr. Galileo Galang divulged that Filipino students only know few epic heroes

Vic Sotto [or Bossing] shared  that as a producer he treats everyone equally

Lakbay2Love and Solenn Heussaff shared my Movie Review: Lakbay2Love

lakbay2love 2

About Hitokirihoshi?

My online moniker, Hitokirihoshi, is from my two favorite anime characters– Kenshin Himura also known as Hitokiri Batousai (from Samurai X) and Emperor Hotohori a.k.a Hoshi (Fushigi Yuugi). Hitokiri means ‘slasher’ and Hoshi is ‘star’ so hitokirihoshi is Slasher Star. At first it’s just for fun, but later on  I realized I become Hitokirihoshi (other just simply called me Hoshi) or “Slasher” online and offline.

hitokirihoshilogoI worked in three different companies for full time before I decided to try telecommuting or freelancing. However since nth time I always do sideline business and part time jobs (anak pawis here). Thus, I become freelancer/ home-based entrepreneur/ online seller/ blogger ( see the slash?).

I don’t like posting photos of myself ( not a fan of selfie) and anyway, I started as an anonymous blogger.  For your information, I am…

  • Slow mover but hyper thinker – I like to separate things and aspects ( one reason of ‘aspectos’ in my blog title and having different pseudonyms)
  • I’m opinionated, but I prefer to feature other stories and people than myself as a blogger ( let’s see in the future when I become videoblogger). Oh I really like interviewing interesting people
  • I’m quite  and serious in deep conversation , but I’m jolly, talkative and weird too (especially with my friends)
  • I’m boyish, ambivert, cinephile, music lover, thrifty, capricorn, and star 😉
  • I advocate financial literacy, education,  Pinoy small time business, transportation service for Senior Citizens, and Philippine Culture and Arts




diary ni gracia 2



Extra Links

Hitokirihoshi Sr http://kwentotpaniniwalanihitokirihoshi.wordpress.com/


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