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Adulting: 7 Issues you’ll Understand When Your Maturity Strike

I don’t know if I’m matured enough pero siguro “adulting” is also fit description for me, who is someone try to be responsible adult (charrot!) However, I think having more experiences in life helps me to understand the whys and hows behind of my whats (naks!). Narito ang ilang bagay […]

Upcycling Faulty Clock into a Motivational Wall Decoration

Before this upcycling project for my faulty wall clock ay nakadalawa na akong oplan resurrection ng orasan. Pareho kong ginawang photo frames  dahil mga square ang hugis at sakto pa talaga sa mga napa-print ko na collage ng travel photos ko. What you can do with Old defective wall clock? […]

3 Reasons Why to Keep old Gowns, Covers; Product Review of Perwoll Classic

A special occasion needs a special preparation like you don’t dress any outfit, but choose the best one for it. And  if needed,you probably spend extra money for an expensive gown, polo or dress for the event such as wedding, debut, prom, and birthday, right? But if you have old, […]