7 Websites for Work from Home Job seekers

For someone like me who is work from home (home-based or freelance) employee too, it’s impossible for me not to encounter various job websites that particularly designed for us. Most of these sites are different from jobstreet, jobsdb , and Best jobs Philippines especially that you don’t only have to apply, but also to bid your rate […]

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James Reid

James Reid’s Concert for A Cause…successful

I like attending events and supporting institutions (through blogging or donating something like- Habitat for Humanity and NCCA), yesterday’s James Reid’s concert for a cause ( Radio Veritas Foundation Inc) was an  addition  This concert was cool, entertaining, warmed my heart  and successful especially with the presence of James Reid, CEO Jerry Lozano, Bro. Clifford Sorirta, […]

A chance to meet James Reid with Style

True, James Reid is not only has handsome face, but also has a handsome heart. This Friday (November 21), the talented and  heartthrob star of  Ang Diary ng Pangit and  Talk Back and You’re Dead  will not only serenade his followers at SM Marikina, but also help Radio Veritas Foundation Inc for their fundraising campaign.
Life after […]


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Public Relations: what does it mean?

I once said that I want to be a copywriter or publicist. Actually at that time, I’m just aware  that this work would give me competitive salary. But now, I know why and what makes this career or any advertising, marketing, and public relations firm’ services truly important for all.  Incidentally, I met people from AMPR […]

Say I Do: Discover New Developments around I Do Village

Saying I Do means a lot for serious couples. It’s a vow, commitment and acceptance that we normally associated with weddings. Thus, it is not only an expression, but a mantra  in sickness, in health, for better, for worse, till the end of time and for the sake of love under one roof. Likewise,we saw a glimpse […]

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