Travel Story: Anong mayroon sa Shenzhen, China?   wow updated !

Before our trip ay ‘di ko alam kung ano at saan ang Shenzhen. Ang alam ko lang na lugar sa China ay Macau, Beijing, at Shanghai.  Itong huli ay dahil sa kapapanood ko ng Chinese series and films.  Ang masaya  pa  sa instant discovery travel ko ay madaling gawin. As […]

17 Important Hong Kong Travel Tips to Remember 2   wow updated !

Second out of the country trip ko ang Hong Kong kaya kahit papaano (at iwasan ko man) medyo nako-compare ko sa  experience ko sa South Korea. Pero ito ang first time ko na nag-tour package ako. So let me give you positive and negative sides para makakuha ma- analyse mo […]

3 Empowering Steps to Handle Criticisms, Failures

Who like criticisms and failures?  No one right? But whether we mistakenly do something or not, life is a journey of ups and downs. And sometimes, we have to receive blunt bad comments or experience epic failures to know exactly what we need to improve in ourselves. Yes, it’s emotionally […]

5 Moneymaking Ventures, Businesses to start for 5000 pesos

I believe the true value of 50, 500 or 5000 pesos depends on personal factors, and not only because inflation.  Puwedeng 500 ay mukhang 50 pesos lang sa iba, habang 500 ay parang mala-Php 5000 naman sa iba pa.  Dito papasok ang lifestyle, financial knowhow or mindset ng isang tao. […]

Live Brighter: Let Go Unnecessary, Energy Vampires

I am one of the participants at the Live Brighter session with The Apprentice Asia season 1 winner Jonathan Allen Yabut .  Yabut, who has a striking persona that doesn’t intimidate, was very encouraging for millennials like us.  He imparted many life lessons and secrets of most successful people have. However for […]