Boost Your Well-being with Charity and Policy

Do you notice that most of the time dramatic scenes happen when someone is severely ill or depressed? That’s not a fiction but the reality we face day to day. Look in the mirror and ask that reflection – are you happy and secured? If not, what things that will make you sincerely feel that [...]

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Sariling Bahay: Play Interior Design not Simulation Games

Simulation games entertain creativeness and playfulness.  Personally I play those apps because they ignite my fancy in Interior Design. I like turning blank and spacious rooms into a lively and colorful haven. But isn’t much better na bumili ng sariling bahay and design it according to your lifestyle?
Bakit Kailangan bumili ng sariling Bahay?
Maraming rason pero [...]

TV Show Review: How To Get Away With Murder

How to Get  Away with Murder is the latest offering of Sony Channel that will premier tonight (October 15) at 9:05 pm. It’s top billed by Viola Davis, who plays Criminal Law professor Annalise Keating, J.D., and created by Pete Nowalk,  one of the geniuses behind top rating TV shows Grey’s Anatomy and Scandal.
Face the reality: [...]

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Blogapalooza 2014: Celebrating B2B connection 1

Blogapalooza 2014,  a business-to-blogger- networking event  (B2B), brought fun to my weekend (after my little health drama). And why not? After series of absences in blog events with my Powerhouse Clique group, I finally emerged and be with them to find interesting firms and institutions that worthy to blog or market.
Differences between Blogapalooza 2013 and [...]

Movie Review: Rurouni Kenshin, The Legend Ends

Rurouni Kenshin: The Legend Ends completes Kenshin Himura’s battle with notorious Shishio Makoto. True to its title, the film is thrilling in the way it presents the two former Battousai (assassins) fight for their lives and principles till their last breath. And apart from well-choreographed fighting scenes, captivating plot, and awesome portrayal of Takeru Satoh; [...]