Well-being is possibly one of my favorite keywords ( aside from diversification). This is also the reason why there’s aspectos in Aspectos de Hitokirihoshi, because I believe that there 5+ aspects to make a person happy and successful- not just money, relationship, or dream alone.

However because of many detours in my life and in my website, I always forget about well-being. In spite of that fact, I still find myself blogging about mental, spiritual, emotional, social, and physical wellness. I guess I have to thank blogging, it helps me to remember and rediscover the meaning of well-being.

Mental Empowerment

Mind Museum’s Life Gallery – The Brain

Spiritual Fiber

what is well in your wellness?

Emotional Intelligence

Physical Greatness


For my social aspect posts, please check Social Awareness page

I also have Digital Wellness page– which is helpful for embracing modern living with internet and social media