7 Websites for Work from Home Job seekers

For someone like me who is a work from home (home-based or freelance) employee too, it’s impossible for me not to encounter various job websites that particularly designed for us. Most of these sites are different from jobstreet, jobsdb , and Best jobs Philippines especially that you don’t only have to apply, but also […]

10 Things to do while you are Unemployed

So what’s next after graduation, resignation or termination? Yes, back to job hunting mode and being unemployed. Instead of wasting your time sa something immeasurable sadness 😛 why not do these things while you are Looking for Better Management (LBM) or new employer. 1. Get or update your  government IDs […]

3 Reasons, Issues in doing Sideline jobs?

Part time job, freelance, sideline, o side hustle  ay isang good source of extra income especially if you think your salary is not enough for your needs. Una kong na-experience ang freelancing na natagalan ko nang 9 months.Then after 2 years pagpa-part time habang may full time job naman ang ginawa ko. Honestly, […]