Edgy inventions jazz up our modern living and its amazing to discover, which products are cool, safe, convenient and entertaining to use like Infinity Nado and Dyson Machines. Infinity Nado is a toy inspired by an anime show and has RFID smart chips, while  Dyson are sophisticated home appliances  invented by […]

Infinity Nado, Dyson: Edgy Toy, Home Appliances for ...

Science is boring for most kids and especially sa mga adults. Well, if you go inside The Mind Museum baka ang pagtingin mo or  you will appreciate the significant of this subject. Ako nagsimula lang akong i-appreciate ang Agham nung nasa Grade 6 na ako. I like Earth Science, Physics, and konti […]

Rediscover Science Pleasurably at The Mind Museum

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Gizmos such as smartphones, tablets, digital cameras, laptop, and phablets are getting better nowadays.  Left and right, you’ll see promos that entice you to purchase these trendy, innovative and entertaining technologies.  The problem is your extra money is not big enough that you need to be extra careful where to […]

How to know if your Gadget is a Good Investment

Deface by Mael de Guzman (blanco museum) Technology-technology it always allures me. It entices me to browse websites, brochures and magazines. And after purchasing MSI laptop few years  ago,  I’m wondering now what’s with android tablet and how I direly need it. Which brand? Where to buy? How much? Or should […]

I Need Tablet because…

Atrasado ata ako medyo sa paghigop pagsagap (lang) sa maiinit na chismis at malalaking national issue ngayon.  Unang dahilan d’yan ay hindi na ako nanonood ng TV at linggo lang ako nakakapakinig ng radyo, FM radio pa.  At hindi ko puwedeng ilipat ‘yan sa AM radio dahil papaluin ako ng […]

Gaano ka updated sa news? Do you know what transistor ...

rotary dial telephone
Communication is very important for humanity. Kapag wala kang komunikasyon sa iba para kang nag-iisa at kapag ‘di ka marunong makipag-usap, para kang mapag-isa.  Iba ang personal communication at doon sa may sabit na ng technology. Nasaang lupalop man ang dalawang tao maaari na silang magkaroon ng opportunity na magpalitan […]

That Thing Called Rotary Dial Telephone