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5 Money Mistakes of Filipino Yuppies

My 3-day work from my brother and his wife’s home ( because of oh my goodness landline and internet connection disruption) gave me something like an office social life. While working, my sister-in-law ( who’s also a home-based career woman) and I discussed various topics including my favorite one – […]

Kailangan ba talaga ng Life Insurance?

The thought of death brings goosebumps and sadness for many.  Let’s face it, we can afford cosmetics and surgeries to look younger but not freedom from dying.  If you are into personal finance, achieving that financial freedom involves avoiding savings wreckers – unemployment, debt and emergency. What you need to prevent […]

Money Management: 30-70 Rule in Saving

I think lahat naman ng capital pang- investment o pag-establish ng business ay maiging manggagaling sa iyong savings. Kapag nag-accumulate na ang iyong pera na naise-save puwede ka na mag-isip o magsimulang mag-invest. Ang mahalaga kasi ay magkaroon ka muna ng emergency fund at liquid asset.