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7 Employment Issues in the Philippines

This post is supposed to be super positive like giving advice and citing the perks of being  employees. But since nawala somewhere ang draft ng post na ito and for us also to reflect  what we experienced in the corporate world, work field, career ladder etc., ito muna ang 7 […]

10 Things to do while you are Unemployed

So what’s next after graduation, resignation or termination? Yes, back to job hunting mode and being unemployed. Instead of wasting your time sa something immeasurable sadness 😛 why not do these things while you are Looking for Better Management (LBM) or new employer. 1. Get or update your  government IDs […]

How to save money while job hunting

When you are jobless, automatic, you need to regulate your expenses. You may get support from your parents but not all the time right? Dyahe!  So let’s talk about, frugal ways to to save money while you’re in job hunting mode. Job Hunting tipid tip 1: remember Resume is your personal […]