national committee on dance

Most of Filipinos are born dancers. With dancing we can express our sentiments about the music of our lives.  In coming International Dance Day and  National Dance Week,  National Commission on Culture and the Arts (NCCA) with special participation of Prima Ballerina Lisa Macuja – Elizalde will stage  Yugyugan para sa […]

So You Can Dance? Maki-Yugyugan Para sa Kultura ng Bayan!

Tourism is not only about magnificent mountain, cave, sea, buildings, and food. It is also about interesting history, people, culture and arts.  Salamat nabibiyayaan ang mga Pinoy ng kagalingan sa pagsasayaw. Ito ang nagpapaindayog sa  matagal nang makulay nating kultura. FYI, this year’s Dance Xchange will go to Puerto Princesa […]

Groove Tourism: Dance Xchange, Sayaw Palawan!