5 Unique Selling Points You Need To Know

Not all folks can do selling  nor  be expert in people skills…like me. “But by faith and not by sight”, I have  personal selling experiences because of  connections-slash – friendship. Pero as we all know, may businessmen na rich and famous not only because they know kung paano makibeso-beso,  makapag-shake hands or mag-spark […]

Random Business, Money-Making Ideas

-Ang pagsa-sideline  business ay ang pagkita ng pera mula sa iyong inconvenience.  Isa yan sa aking business and money-making Ideas. Kung ayaw mo ay marami rin namang ibang choice -high paying job, over sa overtime, tipid 2 d max, and work abroad. Sorry bawal illegal dito. -Para sa taong abala, […]