Prism Gallery features Giselle Kasilag’s ‘Short Stories’ Art Exhibit

prism gallery 1It is understandable that writers explain their creations in characters and sentences. However what if the creative writer is also an artistic photographer?   Well Ms. Giselle Kasilag’s explained this idea to me not only by words, but also frame by frame.  The Project Art co-owner and former BusinessWorld senior reporter opened her one-of-a kind art exhibit entitled Short Stories: An Exhibition of Photographs and Fiction in a Hurry” at Prism Gallery (Island Tower Condomimium, Salcedo St. San Lorenzo, Makati).


It’s fun that we had a chance to talk with Ms. Kasilag because honestly it’s my first time to see this type of exhibit wherein frame by frame a meaningful story comes with eye-catching photo. Pero don’t think na basta caption or mala-Instagram lang ang dating ng mga ito dahil first and foremost nanalaytay  sa mga  kamay at diwa ng artist ang kanyang pagiging journalist.

In our (me with my new found sister blogger Nice Biong) interview with Ms. Giselle, she shared that in her college days may natutuhan na  s’ya about photography. But then kailan lang daw ulit n’ya ito nabalikan ito at ang isang passion pa n’ya ang nag-trigger nito, travel.

Giselle Kasilag“It is not the same, but it is very similar because at the end of the day you’re telling a story whether you are writing… I think the heart of all art forms is the story whether music, dance, theater, photography, writing or literature. So for me it’s a huge fulfillment na  I was  able to combine both [photography and writing] in one frame kasi it’s quite a challenge,”  said Giselle.

November last year ang first solo exhibition ni Giselle sa Yuchengco Museum na pinamagatan namang Wanderlust: Windows to Asia.  Pero before pala noon ay na-showcase na rin ang kanyang art works  sa ibang bansa.  Ayon sa kanyang profile noong 2013 ay pasok ang kanyang arts sa digital photography event called The Story of Creative  at  naitampok din ito sa sa building ng Long Island in Creative Rising, then  in July 2014 ay  bumandera sa electronic billboards sa isang buong gusali  sa Times Square, New York din ang isa pa n’yang art work.

Ayon  kay Giselle ang hilig niyang kunan ang mga pintuan,  pattern, façade, at  bagay and usually hindi mga tao. Mapapansin naman ito sa kanyang  mga in-exhibit at dahil dito it’s not also surprising when I learned  na may kuha siya na masama  sa isang architectural collection book.  Take note, ang book na sinasabi ko ay connected sa Exposure Award 2015 nito lamang July kung saan ang kanyang Spiral Orange ay itinampok sa Louvre Museum. Pero going back to Short Stories exhibit, lahat ng nandito ay mga kuha niya sa iba’t ibang lugar gaya sa Spain, Japan, Switzerland, at Singapore.

“Because it’s a big world- it’s important to see things outside your comfort zone,” Kasilag commented on why people should travel. “You learn to take care for yourself (especially kung solo na nagta-travel), but you also learn so much about other people,” Giselle said.

Giselle Kasilag Art exhibit 3Sabi niya masuwerte siya na makapag-travel pa sa iba’t ibang bansa especially in Southeast Asia and she still eager to tour around.  Ang sabi nga niya ay ang next destination niya ay Seoul, South Korea.  Pero kung tatanungin  naman siya kung ano ang favorite niya so far ito sa international ay sa Zurich Switzerland. Why? Relate ang lola n’yo because of Heidi. Sa local naman  ang gusto niya ay sa Bohol specifically sa Chocolate Hills.

“I don’t really post people; I tend to take things na candid shots,” dagdag na explanation ni Ms. Giselle  sa kanyang mga kuha.  According to her it’s not hard to let go her art works because she likes din na mapunta sa ibang dingding ang mga ito. Kaya naman ibig sabihin nito lahat ng nasa art gallery is of course for sale and with her signature to make these truly special and one of a kind. Ang exhibit ni Ms. Giselle Kasilag ay mula October 10 hanggang 24, 2015.

Giselle Kasilag Art exhibit 4“Very interesting ang ginagawa ng Prism Gallery because they’re really seeking out artists na not your typical art work like paper-cut and all that so maganda ang mix na makikita mo.”

Personally, ang gusto ko sa mga photos ni Ms. Giselle  ay ang Endless  Summer, Dress-Up, and Locks of Love.  Gusto ko rin yung Wordsmith,  but siguro  I’m into eye-catching colors na mayroon sa Endless Summer and Dress-up.  Malapit sa akin ang Dress-up because it  is my dream to go in  Japan and I like anime. Pero apart from these, Dress- up features colors, life, culture and human feel  na para bang saya lang ng buhay sa  Japan.

Ang Prism Gallery ay open from 9-5pm Monday to Friday at 9-6pm every Saturday. Ito ay nasa bandang likod lang ito sa AIM at Greenbelt.  For more details please contact +63 2 886 3947. The “Short Stories” exhibit  is until October 24 only so visit the Gallery now! 🙂

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