It’s All About Santol

Santol… In English  “Where Bro?” example – Santol…ang tsibug natin  kailangan ko na ang lumafang kasi tomguts na ako ( Where bro we can dine I need to eat because I’m very hungry).  In Filipino “Tangkad Araw.” Example – Santol compare to Moonsmall.

Santol by Hitokirihoshi

All the tsika above are of course joke only! Santol is the yellow sour fruit with big seeds. There are so many trees of it in the Philippines.


This is my  favorite fruit, above mango ( mangga) and not below pomelo (suha).

Perhaps it’s because we have trees ( three in total) of this sour fruit in our backyard and frontyard.

How I eat my favorite fruit Santol?

  • I usually peel  it, but if I don’t have a knife I like to smash it using our door. Yung iipitin sa gitna.
  • I  like to place it a platito (saucer) with soy sauce or dip it in at least one tablespoon of rock salt.

Don’t laugh, but I’m serious fruit eater than vegetable and this is the kind of food that I can everyday as long as tummy is okay.  I just don’t eat its seeds because if I do I know that soon my stomach will ache and it’s hard to release it inside the comfort room 😛

I don’t know any health benefits of santol but I guess its rich of vitamin acid,  full of fiber, and good for your gums. Just remember to brush your teeth three times a day. What I know is Santol is cool for Sinigang like tamarind and kamias.


By the way, June is not only known for tag-ulan but also Tag-santol. And since it’s wet up there in the trees, please make panungkit na lang instead. Then eat those nalaglag na on the the ground. Those are prone from yucky worms.

Santol 06-06-10_1611

Note: I don’t entertain grammar checker in this post, I’m not professional entertainer jolly only. Just read and eat if you like.

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