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IMHO I’m not good in SEO or Search Engine Optimization but I try to learn  the basic dos and don’ts of it. Why and who cares?  If you are serious about Blogging or Online Publishing, of course you desire to reach people, attain your goals and spread your messages. Indeed, if you are blogger whether you accept it or not you have certain power – small or big.

SEO Lead Generation Conference

Search me lang hehehe

Last Saturday I’m part of SEO Lead Generation Conference facilitated by Janette Toral of eCommerce Bootcamp and Digital Filipino. Though I was only convinced to attend, talagang nagpa-convince naman ako because it’s free and had interesting topics that I need to know.

I saw familiar faces sa conference like Genesis Reonico of OnlineJobs University (speaker of Building and Sustaining a Lead Generation Community) and Fitz Villafuerte of 199jobs and Ready to Be Rich ( speaker of Buyer Persona Creation for Lead Generation).   Aminado ako na avid reader ako ng blog ni Fitz and isa siya sa peg ko sa aking quest sa serial entrepreneurship.  Listening to their talks boost my freelancing and entrepreneurial sprit.

Pero bukod doon ay mahalagang malaman din yung alam nilang detalyado and practical way to make your business known – online or offline.  Sabi nga ni Fitz , it’s good to check your competitors, interview your clients and your pain points like

  • what is the problem that they want to solve?
  • which led  them to your business?
  • what are the things they value the most?

Gusto ko rin yong talk ni Sean Patrick Si ng Qertz  (SEO and E-Mail Marketing for Lead Generation) kasi I really don’t know why and how effective ang e-mail marketing.  But of course, interesting and informative din ang:

  • SEO, Web Design, User Experience, and Funnel Optimization for Lead Generation ni Mannix Pabalan ( Founder of Hashtag Digital)
  • SEO and Crafting Your Unique Selling Proposition for Lead Generation ni  Mark Acsay (

  • SEO and Content Marketing for Lead Generation ni  Carlo Angelo P. Gonzales (Digital Marketing Specialist)

  • SEO and Social Media Marketing for Lead Generation ni Paul Agabin of

  • SEO and Lead Generation Performance Metrics  ni Janette Toral ( E-Commerce Advocate)

Parang Math ang presentation ni Marc Acsay kaya medyo alangan akong intindihin ( medyo hate ko kasi ang Geometry and Trigonometry) pero naiparating naman niya ang mensahe ng kalahalagahan ng unique selling preposition na dapat kong matutuhan.

Siempre marami pa akong notes na nakuha mula sa conference na aking pag-aaralan at ibabahagi sa mga susunod na post.  Sa ngayon, nais kong magpakilala na Hoshi the blogger and  going to be Search Engine Influencer. Mabuhay!


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