What’s Up: Jane the Virgin and Sen. Miriam Santiago’s Book

I have December prayers and plans, but first I welcome this busy month by embracing my femininity and individuality. And guess what, I have new materials that can keep me relaxed and motivated – series Jane The Virgin and Sen. Miriam Santiago‘s book- Stupid is Forever.

Sen. Miriam Santiago’s curated pick-up lines 

In my entire life, hindi ko pa naranasang pumila para magpa- autograph ng biniling book or CD, In fact, bilang na bilang ko yung nagpa- autograph ako. Pero this time and because of Sen. Miriam Santiago, I’m preparing to line up and wait for minutes ( sana di hour) because  I want to buy her book and see her face to face.  I don’t know if I like her as a politician, but as a woman I like her lot.  She exudes confidence and intelligence na sa kanya ko lang nakita na I appreciate also her accent and wackiness.

Good thing, her book launching event will happen on December 3, 2014  at National Book Store, Trinoma ( seriously I have so many happy moments sa mall na ‘to).  Ignorance Can Be Cured: Stupid is Forever;  is book of curated speeches, jokes and pick-up lines of feisty senator; is published by ABS-CBN Publishing.


Jane the Virgin and the other Jane

Jane the Virgin - with copyrightIf I’m going to tell this title to my friends, they will definitely laugh at me. Why? Because my other nickname is Jane. But even it becomes Josephine, Porsia or Anastasia, The Virgin – the series looks promising and most Filipinas can relate to it.

Jane, the Virgin (played by Gina Rodriguez) grow up watching telenovelas and dapat she protects her base.  Oh di ba pasok sa banga?  At ito pa, she has this character that we like sa mga bida – driven, kind and imperfect.  But what if, kaka-protect mo sa sarili mo, biglang may accidentally may uusbong sa sinapupunan mo because of Sorry Dok! at ang may-ari ng sperm ay ang ultimate crush mo. Oh no Jane, The Blogger doesn’t know what to do if that will happen to her ( hopefully ‘wag naman). But ika nga life is like a TV series – watch and learn. hehehe!

Jane the Virgin also features  Justin Baldoni (Rafael the sperms owner), Brett Dier ( BF Michael)), Andrea Navedo (mother Xiomara), Yael Grobglas (Petra), Ivonne Coll  (grand mother Alba), and Jaime Camil  (long-lost  telenovela star father  Rogelio). People can watch this comedy drama on Sony Channel (SKYCable Channel 35, Cignal Digital TV Channel 60, Destiny Cable Channel 62, Cable Link Channel 39.)

What’s Up with Hoshi?

From the bottom of my heart, I would like to thank my teachers Sir Ramon Naanep, Ma’am Victoria Diaz,  and Ma’am Carmencita Rosario who invited me as the guest speaker of their team building on November 29, 2014. Mabuhay Rosarians ( Holy Rosary Science and Technology)!




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