Online Career, Monetizing Website? Be Blog & Social Media Entrepreneur

A lot of individuals are interested to join in blogging because first and foremost, they want to earn extra money. Possibly they are now aware of blog monetization,  pay per click ads or lead generation.  Though many are trying to pursue these income-generated endeavors, only few stay longer and reaping success. Why there only few? How to be a thriving blogging or social media entrepreneur?

Blog monetization is not overnight thing

While it seems so easy to post a blog article like a Facebook status, Instagram update or Twitter message –   enjoying huge traffic hits, larger readership, and advertisements ads are difficult to achieve.  Of course if somebody can do it, you can do it too– but with right mindset and attitude.  Success in blogging and social media is not an overnight thing most especially now that these things are already professions for some.

Furthermore, if we’re only observant online there are ways we’re already reached by online advertisers, social media strategists, and digital marketers not only with blatant ads but possibly enticing articles, which in the end influenced us to take actions – patronize their products and services.

See the competition is stiff, so you really have to strive harder or you’ll end up leaving your dreams behind.

Social Media Marketing: Alternative or Additional Career

Problems in job employment is old news and not limited in Metro Manila.  Thanks to online jobs there are few Filipinos who don’t need to seek works abroad and leave their family behind.  However, if you want to be successful in this field whether as alternative or additional career you still need to carefully study it.  Always remember that competition and scams are already there.

Apart from virtual assistants, internet researcher, and data entry workers, I believe in the lucrative income in working in the field of online marketing and advertising. In fact, there are Filipinos who are not only earning money because they work for others but because they apply their effective marketing and advertising strategies on their own online business or ads.

Enrolling in Online school

Blogging and Social Media Entrepreneur


What is professional online career without reputable online school and expert to guide you?   The Ateneo – DigitalFilipino Digital Entrepreneurship Program, lead by  one of the reputable online professionals/ personalities Janette Toral, has on going “Blog & Social Media Entrepreneur Course that can  help  Bloggers, businessmen, online entrepreneurs, public relation officers, content writer, and Internet marketers, and other advertising or marketing practitioners to level up their knowledge.


It’s a five –week training where enrollees have access to their e-learning system that includes but not limited to lectures and projects.   This is perfect program for individuals targeting to master promotions, marketing, lead generation and online-income generating activities.

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