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Sakto this month, I am going to celebrate the 8th anniversary of my first blog – kwento’t paniniwala ni hitokiriHOSHI.  And  I really want to do something  that’s worthy and meaningful  para naman mag-evolve hindi lang ang aking mga blogs, but also ako  bilang blogger and individual.  Thus, it is interesting for me ang Digital Influencers Marketing Summit (DIM Summit) that will happen on October 10  at Best Western Plus, Antel Hotel, Makati City. Surely,  it can be my avenue to discover more about blogging, business, ecommerce and marketing.

Janette Toral

Janette Toral

Blogging + Business:   Where I am coming from

Like other summits and online courses of Janette Toral, DIM Summit offers essential information  that let people  how to maximize and earn online. Ito base sa  observation and testimonials ng mga kakilala ko – majority  sa kanila ay they only know how to email, use Facebook and Instragram or Twitter.  Sayang naman di ba? Baka may something pa silang magawa.

Share ko na rin  na in my years in blogging   I realized that one element to sustain your drive to continue is to set goals and identify your purpose.   Ako at this point feeling ko konti na lang I  makikita ko na ang “sweet spot” sa gitna ng mga pinagkakaabalahan ko.  And my blogs become an instrument din and so far they become more than online journals for me.  Well, I’m not prolific when it comes update  and popular, but I believe  I am serving  my purpose when someone search something and nahanap n’ya yon sa blog ko  ang hinahanap n’ya or  when may ma-touch sa  sinulat ko. Reciprocal lang din ‘yan, you help them and they make you smile, fulfilled and happy.

So ‘yon… hits, impressions or rankings do matter din if you want to reach more readers, to serve more, to learn or discover more, and to enjoy various opportunities.   Speaking of discovery and opportunities, last year ay first time kong ma-experience ang  pagiging lead generator.  Kakaiba ang challenge , but I look at it as something innovative isipin mo na lang na kung matutuhan ito ng mga nagbibigay ng flyers and brochures sa kalye ay  mabilis ang sales and na-promote pa ang paperless marketing.

DIM Summit: Where I am Going to?



All the talks  in the upcoming summit are important for me, but personally ito ang inaabangan ko:

  • Changing in the game of social ecommerce,
  • Tactics in building following and engaging influencers online
  • and Make People “Buy” Online

Why ?

  • Okay alam ko ang ecommerce pero ano nga bang meron ‘pag dinagdagan ng word na “social” sa unahan nito?  Mas  pinasosyal o dahil  sakop ang kabutihan ng lipunan?
  • Of course I like to have solid followers, pero parang mas challenging ata ang ma-engage  sa mga influencers.  Ang hirap kaya mag-propose?
  • Kailangan na kailangan ko talaga ito.

Gusto mo ring i-level up pa ang blogging and online presence mo? Come, let’s go sa  Digital Influencer Marketing Summit on October 10.


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