5 Motivational Career Tips for Pinoy Millennials, Yuppies

Sharing experiences and lessons in life is one of my favorite things whenever I attend social functions like #EcomSummit, #DimSummit #BrandSummit, Blogapalooza, and  One Ecommerce. Having sensible conversation is a way to get career tips that are very good for Filipino Millennial or Pinoy  Yuppies like me. Furthermore, dito  mo rin maba-validate, consolidate or update your understanding sa iba’t ibang bagay?  So here are the  5 career tips and insights I have for my fellow Pinoy yuppies and millennial.

“Happiness is our success, not Success is our happiness”

Actually nakuha ko ang line na ito kay Kara David ( one  of my favorite journalists). Filipino young professionals overlook or do not appreciate  persons or simple things that make them happy.  We’re driven because of fame or fortune, but not because of quality of time and satisfying experiences we enjoy.

We can’t get our definition of happiness from other people. Ang mahalaga ay alam mo kung ano ba talaga ang magpapasaya sa iyo. Kahit pa malabo kung saan, kanino, at paano.  Iyong ibang nakilala kong freelancers sa events, mga dati silang may matatataas na posisyon, matatag na trabaho at mataas na sahod  pero bakit nila iniwan? Nasa “saya” wala sa “kita.”

Are you eager to educate yourself and apply the lessons you learned?

Chinkee Tan the law of perceptionMotivational speakers and experts like Randiel Tiongson, Jayson Lo, Chinkee Tan, Janette Toral,  Bo Sanchez, and others usually ask fees that probably expensive for yuppies. Pero  may ilan nakakailang palit ng smartphones, at nakakagimik pero walang time at pera para uma-attend ng seminars.

Ganito, if you treat “education as an investment” you’ll find steps para halimbawa ay mabili mo ang book na trip mo. Puwedeng mag-aabang ng  sale/ promo, at even, sumali sa mga contest.  At the end of the day, ang sense ng education ay hindi saang prestigious institutions mo ito nakuha, but how eager you are to learn and apply what you learn.

There’s no issue between humility and confidence

Be humble enough to understand that no matter how skilled you are in your profession, there’s something more that you can learn.  Humility doesn’t only keep you safe from humiliation, it also makes you more human – sensible, appreciative and positive.

Unfortunately, being humble is a sign of weakness for others. It’s because there are people who are pretending to have strong personalities and they tend to do power tripping .  Ang masaklap pa nito ay kapag yung taong malalapit sa iyo ang s’ya pang parang humuhusga sa iyo.   Huwag kang pagapi, being humble is sign of confidence.  You can even say your achievements in a humble way kasi it’s the intention that matters.   If it happens that someone belittles you because they misinterpreted your humility, speak up or ignore them. Kaya ka nagpapakumbaba kasi malawak ang iyong pang-unawa, at hindi dahil sa wala kang kwenta.


A shortcut to your progress, say no to dillydallying

Jone's Bridge, Manila

Jone’s Bridge, Manila

If Diana Ross asks “Do you know where you’re goin’ to? Do you like the things that life is showin’ you?”  What are your answers? Ako…sa  totoo may mga nadi-discover pa ako sarili ko lalo na kapag  nalalagay ako sa  isang crucial or challenging situation. Ikaw ba? Pero do you agree that we also delay our career progress because of dilly-dallying?   Let this meaningful bible verses to explain my side …

“But when you ask, you must believe and not doubt, because the one who doubts is like a wave of the sea, blown and tossed by the wind. That person should not expect to receive anything from the Lord. Such a person is double minded and unstable in all they do.” – James 1:6-8

Work Smart and take calculated risks

I like these two terms “work smart” and “calculated risk” which fit concepts  for work, freelancing, investing, and entrepreneurship. For me, work smart is a method to achieve work-life balance and get what you’re aiming with less hassles.   Work smarter is different from work harder as the former suggests cost-effective and efficient strategies. An example of working smart is instead of multitasking, you’ll prudently map out how to finish each of your tasks. Same with doing overtime.  Perhaps, you don’t have to stay late in the office if you set personal deadlines or doing collaboration.

On the other hand, “calculated risk” is the courage to try something you desire without being too idealistic.   It’s like if you’re going to unknown places you’ll prepare plan A to D, just in case your initial ideas ay di mag-work out.

I don’t know if this is okay, but my idea about calculated risk in business is doing serial entrepreneurship to diversify your money. Another is to keep your day job first, while you are growing your enterprise, and then if you are ready- saka ka na mag-full time entrepreneur.

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