Confession of a blogger: 3 Ultimate Reasons in blogging anonymously

hugh williamsSeriously, I am still contemplating whether to fully reveal my identity and stop blogging anonymously.  You know, as in, with pictures and all that.  This deep reflection started when a famous online persona advised that I have to do it (starting from updating my about page) if I want to be a known and get more connections, especially advertisers. I am affected because I have a big dream for my blogging side this 2016.

Then I also remember when a UP Diliman student interviewed (via FacebooK) me why I blog anonymously.  Ang totoo n’yan, offline, my friends and family know that I’m a blogger.

Freedom. I have many reasons in blogging anonymously, but the most important is freedom. Freedom to keep my other identity and freedom from online pressures (like I blog when I want) . I don’t live up to other people’s expectations. I don’t like to hear and provoke assumptions that lead to prejudice and frustrations.  I can convince or disappoint you unintentionally simply because I’m weirdly imperfect.

This is also the possible logical reason why I’m still passionately blogging for almost a decade even if I don’t earn [huge] money [regularly]. I’m evolving, but I don’t do things that are against my values.

However, I also recognize the downsides of blogging behind a pseudonym like I may let pass some opportunities, and possibilities. Naitanong ko na rin sa sarili ko if I have fear of success.  I don’t say na it’s easy for me to achieve success in blogging, but I can be gritty till something happens.  Siguro, I am just afraid of my own monsters (including my inner critic and grammar checker :P).

Blogpalooza Loop Ai Social Network PersonalityI’m more than a blogger.  I am proud blogger and in the past five years, online publishing plays huge role in my life. It takes me to different places and leads me to meet amazing people. On the other hand, blogging doesn’t define the whole me. Perhaps, I am also a friend you want to know, a sister you don’t expect, your long-lost daughter, your favorite vendor, the critic you want to hear or the person you can’t believe existing in this world.

Weird, but I find it amusing if people wrongly perceived me as a boy. On the other side, it’s advantageous for me to stay anonymous because I capture different types of readers. I believe people focus on what I offer, not on me offering something –and that means no intimidation or no biases.  Furthermore, it is my goal to level up my blogging experience, but it doesn’t mean that I am going to drop my other priorities.


Segmentation than integration. What’s the connection of blogging anonymously with it? Isn’t more helpful if I use my blog for my career and business?

By simply identifying that this is [myself as] Hitokirihoshi, it becomes clearer for me and for other people who and what it’s in it.  In fact, the first tag line of hoshilandia was “because we have different sides and shadows.”  If you ask me, I have separate goals and approaches for each aspect of my life.  I believe in segmentation to achieve diversification and balance. I read this  quote “invisibility is a superpower” on Paulo Avelino’s  Instagram and I strongly agree!

Philippine Blog AwardsAnd I can use pa rin my blog to promote my sideline businesses.  Siguro hindi nga lang successful like the others, but I receive inquiries din. Since majority of online buyers want to identify first ‘yong seller before buying, I really appreciate when I receive inquiries.  It’s same with good feedback and comments from strangers.  It’s different from hearing praises from people you know. Parang they (strangers) just speak what’s their hearts’ and minds’ desire than mere emotional attachment.

These are just my personal reasons and I’m not saying that revealing my full identity is not an option. As I mentioned I know it’s good too.

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4 thoughts on “Confession of a blogger: 3 Ultimate Reasons in blogging anonymously

  • Adrian Pantonial

    Masyado ka na kasi nasanay na magtago for 9 years of blogging anonymously kaya may struggle ka ngayon to reveal your true identity. Hehe!

    I agree with you. If may mga opportunities ka na ngayon that you blog anonymously, what more if you reveal your true self here? After all, “people buy into the PERSON first before they buy into his/her VISION.” It adds to your credibility and integrity kasi, di ba nga? 🙂