Where Millenials will find their type of real estate?

LamudiReal Estate is one of the coolest and smartest investments for the Pinoy young professionals or millenials nowadays. It’s a rising trend, but long-term and worthwhile as even the new generation (Gen Z, predictably inclined to become social entrepreneurs #justsharing) comes it will still exist. Thanks to website such as Lamudi.com.ph, finding property fit for career-oriented and business-minded is easy-breezy. In fact, real estate giant Megaworld partnered with them in connection to its pro-Gen Y San Antonio Residence, a new venture at the heart of Makati.


“San Antonio Residence is Megaworl’s 20th residential masterwork in Makati central district designed as the ideal home for millenials. It’s  location and amenities complement the fast-paced lifestyle of the millenials, enabling them to make the most of their time, whether it’s moving up the career ladder or being with their love ones,”  Megaworld Vice President for Sales and Marketing for Makati  CBD Eugene Em Lozano.


If you are interested to acquire a property for your near exciting future, Megaworld targets to complete  San Antonio  Residence (in Gil Puyat Ave) by 2020. What’s good about this investment? There are many reasons, but to keep it simple remember the keywords “Begin,” “Open,” “Nurture,” and “Discover.” Anyhow, you can’t go wrong with reputable company such as Megaworld. Furthermore, owning a place in Makati is as good as saying goodbye to years of inconvenience in EDSA traffic and saying hello to business and corporate world.


Meanwhile, Lamudi is an international property portal is a must-visit website not only for the millenials, but also for those targeting to have a place-called-home even in countries in Middle East, Asia, Africa, and Latin America.


“…we tailored our products and services to the needs of our clients. For Megaworld Makati, our online marketing campaigns fit their carefully designed project meant to cater the modern lifestyle of young Pinoys,” Jacqueline van den Ende, managing director of both Lamudi Philippines and MyProperty.ph. shared in a statement.


Megaworld and Lamudi served this exciting announcement with pampering treat. They chose to entertain the media and bloggers with movie Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice to entertain us at New Port Ultra Cinema, Resorts World Manila.

Side note: I’ll definitely watch again in New Port Ultra Cinema. They let me experience a cozy movie time.  Mabuhay!


(to follow yung photos may problema pa sa uploading)

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