3 Thought-Provoking Ideals in Money Management

Lately, I’m fascinated with different philosophies, psychology and ideals that are connected to Money Management, Career, and Life.  Dahil d’yan maybe I become weirder, but somehow bolder and wiser. Liberating din kasi when you find explanations for your personal questions.

  • It will help you to recognize your unique qualities
  • and discover ways to improve yourself.
  • Saka yung innovations and reinventions na that you will pursue are not from opinions (conformity) of others, but from you.

Ang mga babanggitin ko po ay principle and behaviors na-discover ko na FEELING ko na meron pala ako. I may give different interpretations, so please read other materials pa about the following:

Principle of Stoicism

According to The Basics of Philosophy, Stoicism “teaches the development of self-control and fortitude as a means of overcoming destructive emotions. It does not seek to extinguish emotions completely, but rather seeks to transform them by a resolute Asceticism (a voluntary abstinence from worldly pleasures).

Personal:  Sa maniwala ka’t sa hindi,  hindi ako apektado noon na mahirap kami not until may nagsabi sa akin na “kawawa ka naman” o “ sa public school ka lang nag-aaral?” Perhaps, stoic lang din ako kaya bat nung mamatay daddy ko hindi ako umiyak at noong maospital Nanay ko ay kalmado lang ako.Old 500 Pesos  bill _ hoshilandia.com

Minsan, tinatanong ko na rin sa sarili ko kung may pinanghihinayangan ba ako sa past ko. Surprisingly, wala at tanggap ko! Whatever decision I made before, good or bad, was the best decision of my former self. Believe in yourself di ba?

Money Management: Maybe stoicism also helps me to ignore or control my strong desire about something.  I do feel bad, but na-outgrow ko na yung pity and I don’t like self-pity.  Mas ang thinking ko is “what should I do next or to stop this?” I also usually purchase something because of purpose or aim, not because of beauty or trend.

Another good point about it is accepting other’s luck and gifts, you don’t need to take revenge. (tama ng vindicated ka).   Focus on your career and business na lang.


Principle of Compartmentalization

According to Changing Minds, “Compartmentalization is a ‘divide and conquer’ process for separating thoughts that will conflict with one another. This may happen when they are different beliefs or even when there are conflicting values.”

Personal: Gaya ng stoicism puwedeng may bad or good side ito.  Pero kung makukuha mo yung point ay maraming magandang  maidudulot.  Halimbawa: Naiinis ako sa isang co-worker ko  kasi unprofessional s’ya (slob, late or work attitude). Pero, it doesn’t mean na hate ko na s’ya totally at hindi ko na s’ya kakaibiganin. I am not hypocrite, I just separate yung work attitude sa personal relationship namin. May mga kaibigan ako na magkakaaaway pero kasundo ko naman sila lahat.Philippine Peso Bills with Name of Universities

Money Management: In my old post entitled ‘6 Unpopular, Weird Ways to Save Money’ I mentioned about “segregation secrecy. ‘ That‘s my example of compartmentalization in connection to personal finance. I compartmentalize things mentally and literally to budget time and money.  In career, I believe compartmentalization is good step to achieve work-life balance, diplomacy, flexibility, direct approach, and revolution.

“Mentally healthier people who have compartmentalized minds have diversified personalities which enable them to behave differently and appropriately in a variety of situations… To be competent in each area they are said to be good at “having boundaries” such that one role does not blur into another.” – Psychology Today.

Psychology of Multipotentialiate

“A multipotentialite is a person who has many different interests and creative pursuits in life.” –  Puttylike.

Personal:  May ilan nagtataka o naiinis sa akin kung bakit parang di ako mawari. Kahit ako naiinis rin ako minsan ba’t ‘di ko magawang tutukan na lang yung pagnenegosyo kung yun ang gusto ko? Bakit di na lang ako magtrabaho na lang kung iyon ang ikinabubuhay ko? Bakit hindi niche blogging? Puwede naman pero baka di ko rin gagawin…

Honestly, one of the hardest things to discuss is anything about yourself that is unusual.  It as if you’re already defending and explaining mode, although nothing is wrong about you or they will not understand you.  If you have different interests, kahit ikaw maguguluhan lalo na maraming matitinong opinyon kang maririnig. However, my advice is just gather enough ideas (not opinions) about you and tips (not criticisms). What matters is your opinion and your happiness hindi nila. Nahimasmasan ako ng bonnga nung malaman ko ito.Best Multi-disciplinary artists  at Ani ng Dangal 2014

Money Management/Career:  In investing there is such thing as “diversification.” You put money in different investments and funds for security and to grow your money. Of course, you also have something sa means / steps that you will use. Why stock market? Why not Forex? Why business than job or both?   Why you need to work? Why you choose this work than the other one?

I am  quite sure even if this is about money matter, we’re also talking about something you believe and like to do passionately… that increasingly give you satisfying INCOMES (not the certain amount of ideas that people impose on you). MABUHAYJ

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