6 Simple Tips to Improve Job Performance

From time to time we can be out of focus from what we are doing. It maybe because we are too preoccupied, tired, bored, etcetera. Good thing we can do some power up to keep our Job Performance become better and wiser.

WalkwayGASP IDEAS THROUGH WALKING. Do you know that apart from burning your fats, you can also exercise your mind through walking? One time I walked in our neighborhood, I noticed stores and houses that were not familiar to me. After that, I realized the latest trends in small time business and what kind of surroundings I have. Furthermore, you can invigorate your self when you see different things and talk to other people.

SOCIALIZE TO HOOK UP. Working and having circle of friends should not stop us from acquainting with others. Who knows, these people can help when you’re in dire need of something? More importantly, being with people makes you feel modest and experienced life. Of course the good advice for socializing is to know how to relate to different kinds of people but choose your friends and don’t overhaul yourself for them.

In this aspect, maintaining social networking sites is commendable. Remember that networking can help your career and business.

old books

old books

READ TO BEEF UP. Some of you may think that books are for geeks. But learning through reading is a very worthy habit. If you feel awkward reading books, resort to magazines, newspapers, e-books, informative websites and even blogs. Never underestimate the benefits of reading. Whether it is an English or Tagalog material, you might encounter new words that can beef up your vocabulary, diction and way of communication. And if you know many things, you can talk effectively.

WRITE TO REMEMBER. We may be teased for our poor penmanship but writing or note-taking saves us when our memory gap strikes. For reminders and to accomplish something, we should keep a planner, check lists, pin ups, notebooks, bulletin and white board. Writing would be essential for you if you’re planning or already running a business. Inventory or bookkeeping is a vital thing in any venture or when it comes balancing your finances.

Another advantage of writing is to express your ideas or negative vibes. What if you have a potential to become a writer or a poet? It is also better to jot down your ideas, goals, plans, and New Year’s resolutions. So you can track back your achievements. Writing also helps you to mange your anger. When you write, you tend to analyze first and at the same time, delay your outburst. And maybe when you’re done you naturally calm down.


FOLLOW YOUR PRIORITIES. We may read, jot down notes, bond with people, and walk all day long but if we forget to organize our things or even our thoughts that would be a problem. It’s like a table that’s full of tools and clutter.

If you are really aiming for something, you must know how to get that step by step. Prioritize what you need to do first and aim your short or long term goals.

PRAYER WORKS. It’s hard to argue about belief, but never stop praying, meditating or having faith. Losing hope is the dead-end in your journey. When you pray, you are also talking to yourself. Even if you’re down, you know soon you will soar high again.  Through praying, you  also realize your mistakes, sins and failures. Those things would trigger you to be humble and appreciate your blessings.

published in The Workplace (office newsletter)

Written by me (hitokiriHoshi)

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6 thoughts on “6 Simple Tips to Improve Job Performance

  • hitokirihoshi Post author

    nawala talaga? hmmm ako rin medyo hirap sa bagay na yan. pero kapag nahuli ko na ang loob at nakapalagayan ko na, ay open na open na ang ate mo.

    naisip ko rin kasi malaki din ang maitutulong sa personality development ng isang tao ‘pag hindi siya kimi sa pakikipagkilala at pakikisama. somehow, nakaka-gain ng friendships, confidence at knowledge or experience.

    madalas kasi hindi lamang pangyayari ang nagtuturo at nagbibigay sa iyo ng experience kundi sa pamamagitan din ng isang tao. puwedeng dahil sa bagong kakilala na-experience mo ang mag-try na mag-blog, mag-dive etc. and for me, malaking tulong kapag kapalagayan mo ang nakakatrabaho mo at madali ang makipag-business. 😉

  • eloiski

    nung may binabalak akong business, natuto akong makisocialize. mga taong di ko kinakausap nakakausap! grabe! sobrang kapal ng mukha ko nun!

    noon lang yun.. nawala na naman kasi ang [agiging businessminded ko!