Movie Review: Lupin III unites 3 of F4

Lupin III ticketLupin III (also Lupin the 3rd) is a Japanese action film based on manga/ anime series Lupin III/ Monkey Punch. It has stellar cast that will tickle Asian series fanatics because this film unites 3 of F4 members of  Taiwan, South Korea and Japan.  I’m talking about Shun Oguri  (Rui Hanazawa / Hua Ze Lei of Hana Yori Dango) who plays ( Arsène Lupin III), Kim Joon ( Song Woo Bin/ Mei Zou of Boys Over Flowers), and Jerry Yan ( Dao Ming Zi/Domyoji Tsukasa of Meteor Garden). But wait, Lupin III’s story is incomplete without his infamous sidekicks right?

Michael Lee shines, Goemon and Jigen step back

I don’t need to compare this to anime version but it’s obvious that Daisuke Jigen ( portrayed by Tetsuji Tamayama) and Goemon Ishikawa XIII (Gō Ayano) step back a little bit to give way to Jerry Yan’s character Michael Lee. I understand that Jerry has commercial value all over Asia. Probably, I also watch this because that’s one of the many factors, but if you are a guy or Anime fan I don’t think it’s really appealing.

But don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that Jerry doesn’t give justice to his role. In fact, kung takam kang makita si Dao Ming Zi more than a decade, ito yung magpu- fulfill ng iyong vision. Ayoko magbigay ng spoiler but his tough character has a soft spot too. Iyon lang as a moviegoer/ anime freak feel ko na pilit yung pagkaka-inject ng mga scenes to let him shine. Of course he shouldn’t outdo the lead actor but yun nga ang catastrophe ay si Jigen especially si Goemon na pinagmukhang ewan. Sa totoo lang atat akong makita yung bangis nilang dalawa sa pamamaril at paggamit ng espada. eh di ba yung espada ni Goemon can slash even a whole building.

Kung ako tatanungin mas malakas siguro ang dating kung si Jerry yung main villain all throughout the movie. Yun din actually ini-expect ko because I wanna see him in an offbeat role. Hindi naman sobrang disappointing because he owns a  big part of the plot  parang somewhere in the middle lang may awkward factor.  Eh lalo pa siguro kung sobra kang mag-expect na pareho yung atake nito sa doon sa anime.

Kim Joon’s Pierre is acceptable but he doesn’t shine like the other supporting cast.  Fujiko Mine’s  (played by Meisa Kuroki)  part is the one that sticks to original/ anime. She’s really beautiful, dangerous and weakness of Lupin. Ganun din si Defective or Inspector Koichi Zenigata (Tadanobu Asano ) na sobrang malas sa kamay ni Lupin.

Things You shouldn’t miss in Lupin the 3rd

  •  All of  Goemon’s scenes especially when Lupin & Jigen come to his place and while he’s studying a certain pattern.
  • 2 of Fujiko’s fighting scenes with Maria ( played by Yuka Nakayama)
  • the touching Bidding time between Michael and Pramuk ( astig ang damit ni Lupin dun)
  • When Lupin’s Gang attacks Pramuk’s place
  • The entire opening scene (from Fujiko’s troup invasion  to Michael and Lupin’s encounter)
  • Zenigata’s caller ID
  • Zenigata’s interaction with an old pal  [ tawa ko lang sa dialogue nila na

Zenigata: (nagtataka sa pagbabago ni friend)  What happen to you?

Old  and retired officer/ Friend: I have an overweight wife and 2 daughters, that’s what happen to me.]


Parts you should forgive to enjoy Lupin III

  • English subtitles kahit English din yung dialogue. – parang redundant lang ang dating saka understandable naman yung pagkakabigkas.
  • Pale and long dialogues especially in crucial moments.
  • not smooth flow of the story – medyo sabog ang dating.

Overall excited pa rin ako kung may sequel ang Lupin III at next time sana action na talaga with Goemon and Jigen. Extra note may hawig yung bida kay Robin Padilla. hehehe

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4 thoughts on “Movie Review: Lupin III unites 3 of F4

  • slickmaster

    I’ll say the dream team + flopping detective portrayal were the high points of this movie. However, too much of English subtitle brought them down, and some camera angles and cuts aren’t really complimenting the action scenes. However, I’ll credit Michael for taking a round character.

    • Hitokirihoshi Post author

      Yes they could be high points too dahil kung hindi ano pa ba? hehehe! IMHO, they could do better.

      I have only two rationales for the English subtitles –
      they wanted to help native English speakers to understand the dialogues
      they didn’t put much concern about it