Take a Big Bite out of E-Commerce; Learn the Future of Doing Business

E-commerce is not new in the Philippines, but somehow it is sad that only few Filipino entrepreneurs know how to use it well in expanding or boosting their companies.  Do we allow to stay behind in e-business because of ignorance and fear of using technology? Hopefully not!

Entrepreneurship is possibly simple as point and shoot camera.   Manufacture/ buy/ create your products/ services then sell it in your store. These can generate sales, but if you like to maximize your potentials and make it survive in ever changing business environment- eCommerce is an answer.  It’s not fancy concept or idealistic approach. In fact, newbie businessmen should study it now to make use of their techie side especially those who have huge social media followers. Who knows?

In learning E-Commerce

  • Digital Filipino  E-commerce class exercise  2You can start  exporting your products – as you learn how to handle orders from different sides of the globe
  • Market and sell your products for less – Sure that getting a domain name and availing web hosting demands you to shell out money. However it’s less expensive than printing tarps, leaflets and placing print ads or do traditional marketing strategies. With digital marketing/ e-commerce even if you’re already asleep, netizens will know your company 24/7 as long as your online store is up.
  • Enjoy many income streams – Come on! Not all days are good, so you better  get clients apart from those coming in your physical store. With e-commerce– apart from walk-ins,  you can entertain online buyers too.  In fact, sure buyers depend on your knowledge to entice them to pay in advance or be your subscription-based clients .

In Ignoring E-Commerce

Of course, small businesses can exist and co-exist with companies that have online presence.  They can even dwell in stiff competitions as well nowadays using their knowledge in E-Commerce. What happen if you still ignore this?

  • Janette Toral E-commerce class 2It’s as if you’re saying no to convenience – As mentioned above, part of e-commerce is the chance to serve clients 24/7.  Is it better than passive income?
  • It’s similar to not checking helpful features of your smartphones. Think about it, there are people buying expensive cameras, smartphones and tablets, but they don’t know how to use those gadgets. Is it wasting money or ignoring opportunities?
  • It’s like letting others be more profitable than you – Whether a businessman is competitive or not, business rivalry is inevitable. You have to have an edge over the others not because you want them down, but because you like your company stay stronger and successful.

I am not expert in e-commerce and digital marketing, but I’m using things I learned from seminars and experience.  One of the person who I know who’s knowledgeable in this field is not other than Ma’am Janette Toral. She’s known E-commerce Advocate, manage Digital Filipino (DF), and offer online courses such as ‘Certified E-Commerce Specialist, E-Commerce Entrepreneur, and E-Commerce Professional Program’ (CEP).

My photos here were my shots when I attended one of her sessions for the said  course. 😉


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