5 Affordable Sweet, Thoughtful Christmas Gifts for Every Juan

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!  I hope we’re all keeping our happiness and faith while sharing our love to everyone (every Juan).  This is the best time to show your gratitude and generosity by giving Christmas gifts that are not necessarily expensive, but instead thoughtful and special.  So what are the meaningful funky gifts you can give this season? Here are my suggestions:

Cook or give homemade food.  I add the word “give” because some people like me  can’t cook, but this is something special. For me, homemade products are marketable because of their unique taste and presentation. It’s like you feel the effort and passion of the sellers.

Sarap ng Amada's Leche Flan

Sarap ng Amada’s Leche Flan @blogapalooza2015

Compose love letter, short story or poem – To be honest, to send or receive Christmas cards and letters with hand written (or personalized) messages is sweet.  When I compose messages for a person, whatever the level and label of our relationship,  I’m really pouring my thoughts so perhaps I’ll never give  love  ( handwritten) letters or cards to people I don’t  care  and like.

Eagle's Wings Enterprise booth at Blogapalooza 2015

Eagle’s Wings Enterprise booth at Blogapalooza 2015

Join Campaign for causes – Of course doing leg works is awesome for the causes you like, but if you can’t at least support them online. Let’s send good vibes to everyone and breakaway from bashing or reacting on  irrelevant issues.  Start sharing, retweeting or reposting genuine, informative, and heartwarming stories of organizations you like.

Habitat Online Champion 2

recycled paper bag as gift wrapCreate Artwork from Old or Scrap Materials – I clean my room and store) not only because I want a neat place but also to find …

  • Something I can sell to junk shops for extra cash
  • Scrap materials for my scrapbooking or crafting activities ( arts and eco-friendly
  • That I don’t need to buy new things ( save money)


Send a video message and post it on Facebook, Instagram or Youtube –   not long ago, sending messages for relatives were through snail mails, telegrams and recorded audio cassette tape (hope my term is right).  But thanks to social media sites, being thoughtful is easy breezy nowadays. So be loud and proud in recording your video presentation that will make your loved ones entertained and happy.here’s my sample video that I created for my friend Syngkit ( no apology for the video effect panakot lang and my puyat na voice eheheh)…


What are your favorite things to do before New Year celebration? Share it below ↓ 😉


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