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Work from Home  -Home  officeFinally my dream to have a home office already materialized this July. It’s not grand and I think I’ll do more tweaks later, but I am very thankful that it did happen.   I pursue it despite of financial difficulty and hindrances because definitely Work from Home entails some arrangements to make you productive, surviving and lastly, thriving.

Next to my claim as freelancer is my being home based employee and solopreneur.  Do you believe that I managed to do everything and spent my workdays at one corner of my room?  If you are one of my friends, you know how hot and small my room is.  Nevertheless,  I coped and actually experienced a lot when I  was still working there – nobody knew when I was down, crying, laughing, watching Korean series, and even playing Kitchen Scramble.

  • You sing “All By My Self” or “Alone.”  When I decided to work from home, I knew in my heart that I could survive working alone even I spent years in working with diverse people in the field or office.  Good thing my personality type is ambivert.   However, I don’t deny the fact that   there were moments that I missed my office-mates/friends and overall, mingling with people in different places.  You know, it’s good to share your views whether it’s bad or good.


  • You can’t tell if it’s time to work or to rest.    It came to a point that I only sleep four to five hours a day then when I dreamed it’s still about my work. How cruel was that?


  •   You’re overworking than office-based employees.   When you are in the office you log in at 9am and clock out at 5pm, then if you extend that’s overtime.    In working from home, either you tend to slack because your boss is not physically there or you forget the time.  I experienced these two scenarios and I guess it boiled down to
    1. not working smart
    2. wrong estimate of time or work load
    3. I mixed pleasure and work ( social media,  checking other sites,chatting etcetera )


  • You can be easily distracted.   I’m not mom yet, but hey it’s not easy to shoo away your handsome nephews and bubbly nieces when they knock on your door.  But that’s only a cute part of the package, because some distractions you may encounter are
    1. Someone will knock to ask for something  even if he or she knows you are working
    2. You can’t totally tell  everyone  (including dogs, roasters, cats and  doves) to shut up
    3. You can’t concentrate if there’s tension going on
    4. if you’re room is oh so messy


  • You feel paralyzed when Cyberspace booted you out.  I think my major concern and actually, all work from home Filipinos/ Foreigners in the Philippines is the internet connection.   It’s very rare that I complain about electricity because in our place the two common reasons are only related to transformers or typhoons.

I hope broadband companies and government will do effort to make Internet connection in the Philippines better.  It’s not only about us who are working from home, but also for ecommerce and digital marketing industry.  Most of time, I feel that I don’t get what I deserve as a customer who pay high fee and on time.

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