5 Common Pinoy Money Management Attitude Problems

Filipinos are great people in general. Our passions in life are determined by our strong faith and love.  Kaya hanggang we honor saying “opo” and “mahal kita [kita is not YOU – it means “You and I]”; and do respectful gestures such as “pagmamano” and “pagpapaalam” [getting permission], Filipino spirit is not dying. However we should also  recognize the exaggerated negative traits. Here are the five common attitude problems that affect our money management.

Pagbanta ng Panahon
Pagbanta ng Panahon by Renato Habulan [1983]
  • Pa- Victim Mentality – What and who have victim mentality? Victim Mentality is the tendency to be “paawa” [look pitiful] of people so you will help them even though they can do something naman to make their lives better. They most likely blame others or make excuses because they believe  that they’re the most unfortunate hampaslupang person in the world.  Tipong:
    • Kapag galing kang ibang bansa, dapat magpa-piyesta ka pagdating mo kasi nga sila dito-dito lang nakaabot
    • Kapag ‘di ka nagbigay, hindi siya magsu-survive
    • Ganyan ka kasi ganito lang s’ya
Old 500 Pesos bill _ hoshilandia.com

Always remember that you can give assistance, but not always.  Iba ang “nagpapatulong” sa “umaasa na” (tipong dependent ala parasites that exploit )  You’re not helping them, you are actually tolerating their attitude problems. Ang tawag dito ay codependency.

If you’re guilty of having a victim mentality, try to change your way of life and mindset. Think that each person has own journey and crosses to bear para maging burden ka pa. You can’t maximize your potentials or realize your self-worth too if you keep on relying/blaming others. At the end of the day, no one can help you to thrive except yourself kaya [utang na loob] ‘wag  tayong pabigat Ma’am at Sir!

  • If you’re kuripot, then you’re madamotIf you think you’re Kuripot [frugal], apir, we’re both “Mutant and Proud.” Yun lang, because (luckily) there are existing ultra generous people, most Filipinos believe that frugality is
    • Oh no, you’re getting poor na,
    • Madamot [ more than selfish and below ganid],
    • Kill Joy?
Alin ang negative at positive angle dito?
Alin ang negative at positive angle dito?

Frugality means you are good in saving and spending your money. You know when you’re going to spend because you’re SURE about your happiness. Pa-party, ‘di naman marunong sumayaw. Manonood ng concert, ‘di naman naiintindihan iyong mga kanta. May new phone nga ‘di naman alam gamitin :p

  • The Great Borrower – ‘Di naman siguro marami ang populasyon nila, but for me the great borrowers are those who think getting loans is natural and ALWAYS the FIRST THING to do. Tipong hihiram, magbabayad, tapos maghihiram ulit? The mysterious part is they afford to buy cars, smart phones, fancy clothes, and others [according to their Facebook updates]; but they can’t keep something for their debts and monthly bills. Resulta?  debt-ridden.
  • Pasikat/ Pabida – In English, boastful in a starring role …charrot! Dati “the Pasikats” are common in fiestas. There, they offer banquets and join activities  where they can show their talents money. Personally, I like fiestas. Iyon lang there are individuals who show extravagant way of life in their handaan even though they have tight budget.  Puwede naman ambagan sa fiesta ‘di ba?

An example of The Modern Pasikat ay iyong active sa social media updates and buying gizmos for the sake of saying “they can afford.” I believe smart, reputable, and rich people don’t boast [or often] about their escapades, branded clothes, latest gadgets, and expensive collections.  Instead, they’re busy focusing on their productivity, marketing their brands, advocating their charity/ humanitarian projects, and giving motivational talks. Discover who are Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, Ariana Huffington, and Oprah Winfrey. They not make yabang, they make money.

Money-Saving Glass Jar by Hoshilandia
  • Humility for the wrong reasons [Pagpapakumbaba … kuno] – Absolutely, being humble is good, BUT it should come with wisdom and dignity. Lalim noh?  Explain ko… the bad type of humility is when we think we’re not good enough compare to others. We allow people to abuse our kindness and disrespect our opinions. Samantala, when we receive appreciations ay itinatanggi naman natin or we’re in doubt of our worth. I believe the way we handle our career, business, money, and relationships also depend on our right or wrong mindset about humility.

“True humility is not thinking less of yourself; it is thinking of yourself less.”
― C.S. LewisMere Christianity

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