5 Empowering Reasons Why You Should Start, Keep Blogging

This year marks 10th anniversary of KwentotPaniniwalaniHitokirihoshi.wordpress.com (October 3) and 7th year of Aspectos de hitokiriHoshi.  Despite of  my   years in blogging (wow decade na!), I admit I am not earning hundred dollars (yet?) and I still experiencing some struggles too. I don’t know when I’ll stop, but I am sure that  I have a lot of reasons why I keep blogging.

Polish your writing/communication skill – Okay fine, I am not good yet – but in fairness my writing prowess is not as bad as before.   Since blogging is basically writing (just online), it becomes an effective self-help educational activity for me to improve my writing skill. It also helps me to discover my style, what’s works and not, and check/ learn my  problems.  Siguro if I am not a blogger, limited sa kung ano lang natutuhan (kung meron man) ko sa school ang paraan ko ng pagsusulat  o kahit pagbabasa.   I believe, you don’t have to be a professional writer for you to see the importance of writing and its benefits.

Ang totoo n’yan, I’m into journal writing since 1999 at kung mababasa mo lang ang sulat ko- ay nakuu poh parang madamdamin  pero di mo lang maintindihan because I couldn’t express myself clearly.   However journal writing serves as my therapy for my anger management  and to handle my stress or anxiety. Furthermore, it’s my meditation technique. In a way, my type of blogging is similar to my journal writing. The differences are I am just challenged to make my entries better, creative, and appealing because I am sharing my stories to other people. In fact, it’s through my blogs that I realized that ranting is actually just spreading my negative vibes. And it doesn’t even help me to solve my issues.   Thus instead of ranting, I ask or share my thoughts hoping that in the end something meaningful comes out like may naka-relate at matuto rin.

Improve your social and people skills.  I am ambivert. Moderately, I can be extrovert or introvert. However most of the time, I act as if I am just reserved because I don’t have ways (or confidence) to socialize with other people. In effect, I may not improving my social and people skills because of the boundaries that I can actually break.

Blogging becomes a channel for me to connect with other people outside my circle of friends and co-workers.  Gradually through  attending blog events- I discover the benefits of socialization which includes the joy of discovering stuff, interesting stories and personalities because bloggers come from all walks of life.  Kung tama nga ako the first person who introduced SEO and blog monetization sa akin was an engineering or nursing student who I met at the iBlog.

@iBlog 2014

Test your power.  I believe that every person has own talents and purpose. It’s just some people don’t know how to (effectively) use their gifts to enjoy their powers. I am talking about power to achieve their life goals, to survive obstacles, to change their destiny, and to touch other people’s lives.

Through blog, I tried and tested


  • I can give inspiration
  • I can do online selling and content marketing
  • I can learn daunting, but rewarding things like ecommerce, SEO, lead generation, advertising, etc.
  • I can experience how to be a media person, volunteer, guide, and promoter
  • I can really decide and go to different places and events on my own – I have no problem na kailangan tanungin pa yung kaibigan o dyowa bago magpunta
  • I can join contests – like what I did in PEBA, Saranggola, PBA, and others
  • I can boost my career as a freelancer and entrepreneur
  • I can create multiple income streams
  • I can actually reach out to different companies and organization
  • I can influence or persuade public opinion

It supports your career/ works online or offline – There were times that I found help for my offline endeavors from bloggers or because I am blogging.   For example, I was looking for a way to gather important materials for my work that I already asked different individuals/ connections.  You know what, the one who actually assisted me to get what I want was a fellow blogger, who I just talked one or two times only in person.    Recently, one of the resources (including GCs) I used for my home-based business came from my blogging activities.

It can be an avenue for you to search /discover something you like to do – If you’re open-minded, blogging doesn’t only entails you to publish contents. It also motivates you to explore more or educate yourself about things you know or unfamiliar with before.  I didn’t know about thresher sharks, taboan, podcasting, disaster imagination, and even real works of the National Commission for Culture and the Arts before I blog.

(L – R) Teddy Co, a CR8 member/ officer, Vangie Labalan, Rosanni Sarile, Liza Dino, Marichu Tellano, and Archi Adamos ( CinemaRehiyon)

These may not directly affect my career or finance, but that’s make my blog life exciting. I discover that there’s more to life waiting for me – hindi lang kumita at magwaldas ng pera o mag-abang ng susunod na mangyayari.  One more thing, blogging helps me to become street smart and knowledgeable in some areas that totally far from my field. In the end, ‘yong iba’t ibang bagay na nalalaman ko ay eventually makes me an empowered woman.


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2 thoughts on “5 Empowering Reasons Why You Should Start, Keep Blogging

  • Lawrence

    Happy 10th Year Anniversary! Ang layo na ng narating mo. Congrats. Ako, nag-uumpisa pa lang at sana maabot ko din ang mga naabot mo na 🙂