7 Relaxing Hobbies That Can Be Money-Makers Too

Time is gold that’s why many of us think we should only focus on careers that give us fortune. Yeah, even though those careers will only make us stressed or unhappy.  But whether we have money woes or career struggles, I believe having hobbies is very important.  Apart from being stress-relievers, some hobbies are actually lucrative small business or money makers. Here are my suggestions based on people I know, and my own experiences:

Playing Musical Instruments – Filipinos love music and many can sing well.  However, only few have talent and perseverance to play musical instruments. (Itaas ang kamay na nangarap na maggitara at mag-keyboard pero waley pa rin.) Pero how can you earn sa pagpi-play ng musical instrument?

  • Teach guitar/keyboard/flute/ etc lessons. Nung in-enroll ko yung pamangkin ko sa isang art school for kids, ang nagtuturo sa kanya ay may ibang day job. May kapit-bahay din kami na kung mag-train ay buong banda.
  • Join a band with regular gigs. May kakilala ako na what he does every day for a living is very far from music. But every time he has a chance,  he plays any of his musical instruments (guitar/ drums/ keyboard) alone in his room.  But aside na it’s his stress-reliever, he also earns extra money from it.  Mayroon s’yang banda na kapag free s’ya  ay kinukuha s’yang back up.

Pupil band ito di yung kakilala ko 😛

  • Tune up or repair musical instruments. Oo totoo  may nagbabayad para magpatono lang ng gitara naka-witness na ako 😛


Gardening- A close friend of mine discovers a benefit of gardening – (succulent) plants  can save her from zombies (people who are stressing her). But in case she needs to go abroad again, she her plants can give her money too. In fact, may nahanap na s’yang possible buyers. So aside sa pagbebenta, paano ka pa kikita sa  pagga-gardening?

bell jar by Karen Capino

  • Sell fruits, vegetables, or flowers from your garden. Ikinabuhay ng Itang ko ang pagbebenta ng mais, kamote, bayabas, at iba pa. May kakilala rin ako na kumikita ng Php 600+ per 3-4 hours bilang supplier ng gulay sa mga restaurant.
  • Exhibit your plants/garden – naka-attend ako ng garden exhibit na may halong artistic approach, ang taray atih at koyah, dale ang mahilig sa art at gardening.

    F#%K Art Exhibit @ Wooden Canvas

  • Teach gardening and create other sideline business from it. si Femi Cachola na isa rin sa nag-exhibit ⇑ ay nagtuturo na rin ng gardening ng succulent plants at into pottery na rin. Na-feature na rin s’ya sa ABS-CBN summer station ID (1:37-39) at iba pang interviews.

    Gawa ni Femi

Scrapbooking/ Crafting – I like creations out of recycled materials and sometimes if I am in my enthusiastic mode I do crafting as well.  For me kasi, wearing/ showing novel items made of recycled  materials makes  someone a frugalista or fashion-forward  with a heart.  So  for you na nag-aalangan kung may saysay  ba ang crafting hobby mo (que recycled or hindi ang materyales mo), this is my chika for you:

  • Crafting is not only stress-reliever, but also a way to express yourself like other arts
  • Crafting is enterprising – The quarterly  Art and Craft Fair at 10 Alabama street is just one of the many proofs I know na maraming online sellers/ entrepreneur na nasa crafting side. But personally, I already experienced to get inquiries/ orders because they see a project (may taga-abroad pa nga) of mine. Okay let’s go deeper…

B2C Selling Crafting/Scrapbook materials – One of the renowned stores about scrapbook in Metro Manila is a home-based business. in fact, Memory Lane in San Juan City is already featured in different lifestyle, magazine, and talk shows.  If I am right, the business started out as a mere hobby of the owner, and then now, they also offer services gaya ng sila na mismo mag-i-scrapbook for you.

a part of Memory Lane Store nung bumili kami

B2B Selling of Crafting/ Scrapbook materials – From sellers sa art fair to stores like Memory Lane, who do you think can supply materials for them?  You can be the one if you have more than enough or can produce crafting materials/ tools.  I remember when we visit a novelty store somewhere in Cubao – they sell art books where you can doodle, post pictures etc. They sell it for Php 500+. May ganun na ako actully at sabi ng friend ko na nagbigay nabili n’ya ‘yun ng  Php 150-200 only (Divisoria or Quiapo).

Noong bata rin ako ay may bumibili sa amin ng empty packs/ sachets at retaso ng tela para sa kanilang doll making business.

Teach Art/ Crafting Lesson


   Baking and Cooking – We know different success stories of people who are into baking and cooking that become big time café / restaurant owners.  But there other reasons why these hobbies are sumptuous!

  • You don’t need to hire cook, instead you can be a cook for parties. When I was a kid, Nanay always look for ate Betty to cook for our special parties.  I don’t think Ate Betty graduated from a culinary school, but her inner talent and skills in cooking (honed by years in carinderias and restos abroad) make her good one.  Imagine if you’re ate Betty, all you need to do is to appear in the house party to cook. You don’t need to shed money, only sweat and saliva hehehe!

    pag ito food , hindi ko mapigilan maging impulsive!

  • Offer cupcakes/cookies for parties, events, and stores – If you don’t have yet or not into it,  you don’t need a physical store  to sell cookies, cupcakes or other baked goodies. Siguro what you only need are a website, social media accounts, and connections (tao tinutukoy friend).

At first you need to exert extra effort to market and prove you have delicious and edible products. Bear in mind that food industry is a very competitive industry. Hindi lamang dapat masarap, dapat alam mo rin ipalasap ang sarap sa iba.


A horror baked story. In my previous job, we encountered an online seller who posts photos of appetizing cakes na kanya raw.  However, iba ang actual na itsura at ‘di rin ganoon ka-special ang lasa. So we know what’s waiting for her and her business.  Ganito ‘yan e, when something is just a hobby pa, it’s for you to explore and to enjoy. Through times mai-improve naman ‘yan  kaya  okay na okay na huwag kang mapadala sa negative comments basta.  But, make sure na once na gusto mo nang pagkakitaan at i-offer sa iba ay pang-business level din ang quality.

Customers are not just critiques, they offer you money, time, and above all, trust. Halimbawa na yung umorder sa iyo gusto ng masarap na birthday cake para sa anak n’ya. Lahat ng nasa party ay dinismaya mo.

Sundan ang part 2 bukas

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