5 Ways to Get Motivated To Achieve Your Goals

Mabuhay! If you have no money but healthy, full of love, enjoy privacy or freedom, manage your own time and can do your passions- you are  very blessed!  Be thankful and wise. Use these blessings to kick start your desired side projects or business. How?

Recognize your blessings and  achievements past or present loot bags and giveaways

Don’t regret if you have failures and unfulfilled business, instead use them to motivate you to become better. Kung may masidhing emosyon mas ma-achieve mo ang iyong mga dreams at pursigido kang ‘wag na ulit magkamali, ‘di ba?

Ganoon din when you think of your blessings and achievements.  You’ll appreciate the people around you, your hard works, your investments  and other things na akala mo hindi makakatulong sa iyo.

Write your ultimate goals, create Spark book or Dream Board

Cast spells to make your  dreams come true minus using that big dirty black  kawa [cauldron] with boiling whatever liquid. You can do that by  praying, writing and visualizing your dreams as in  literally  seeing them on your freedom wall. Now, not all have freedom walls so follow me- create a  spark book.

Ano ang  laman ng  iyong dream board and spark book? Your  positive ideas at kung paano mo sila i-achieve. Mas specific yung picture or details ng iyong goal mas better. Ako my short term  goals are to buy tablet, pocket wifi, and computer monitor. Then some of my big dreams are  to be an enterprising serial entrepreneur, get two or more big regular part time works, and travel in Japan, Thailand, Davao and Batanes.

Iyong vision/ dream board ay ipinapayo rin naman ng ibang experts including ‘yong mga financial advisers.

Set deadlines and  do your first move

Andalucia1 - Copy‘Yan ang first gamit ng iyong calendar whether it features running kabayo or chubby cats. Set reliable deadlines for your  goals.  Huwag mong utuin ang iyong sarili in setting a tight schedule.


And always think that the best date for your  goals is NOW.  Don’t procrastinate like me dahil kapag mas pinatatagal mo pala ang isang bagay, mas lumiliit yung chance na gawin mo ‘yon.

Be humble in a right way and Face Your Fears

fountain at sta. claraBeing humble is not being weak. It’s acknowledging that you need to learn more, do more, and  feel more.  Ayos din naman maging mayabang, but keep it in moderation because it doesn’t only annoy people around you, magba-backfire ito sa pamamagitan ng  pressures.

You can use your  kayabangan in facing your fears. Puwede mo itong gawing courage. Like when I have interviews or  need  to face my boss, I think of  all my yabang factors gaya ng “bakit ako matatakot eh kaya nga  ako nandito kasi kailangan nila ang katulad ko.” Superhero lang ang peg.

Be updated and learn to socialize

WalkwayI’m not talking  about senseless gossips sa halip ay pagiging updated sa news, information and technology. If you need to level up, makakatulong yung may alam ka  kahit basic lang. Nowadays, we’re obligated to know a little bit of everything other than sa something you excel to do.   Hindi ko naman sinasabi na maging palabili ka ng  latest gadgets – kundi sana alam mo i-maximize and i-operate ang  mga  machine  na nasa  iyong mga  kamay.

Hindi ko rin sinasabi yung  Socializing na pabonggahan, ito yung connecting to people online and offline.  Malaki ang maitutulong  ng relasyon at koneksyon para ma-improve ang iyong knowledge, views and status. 

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