Happy New Year: Planning, Plans and Planner

I am excited to get new a planner and organizer pero gaya ng dati – hindi yong expensive at gawa ko sana, remember my Scrap Planner?  But why we need  to have a planner every year ba?  For porma sake or to motivate us?  

What are the things that worth to plan?

goal-oriented pageSometimes I believe in superstition or pamahiin like  I pick up my lucky numbers ( in choosing dates) – 10, 12, 14, 17, 21, 23 and 27. In a way nakakatulong ang planner for this at para hindi ako mawala sa target deadline ko. Nevertheless, ang planner ay nagiging organizer ( pinagkaiba?)  kapag set na ang date o may something significant na worth na i-note.  What are the things you should plan?

  • In general, plan to make your  wishes and dreams come true by setting definite goals. Ang gusto ko na organizer ay may prayer request gaya ng nabibil ko sa Philippine Christian Book Store.  Ang mura at simple lang ng  planner na ito pero ang saya, lalo na kapag nagkatotoo ang wish mo. Actually hindi naman lahat ng dreams or wishes ay iiwan mo sa Itaas, dapat ise-set mo rin na  kailangan mong tuparin para  sa Kanya at sa iyo.

Let’s be specific

  • Plan where you want to go – Hindi man palaging nagkakatotoo, maganda pa rin na mag-allot ka ng time for your  dream travel. It’s great to plan your trip ahead of time especially mas mura ang airfare ticket kapag binili mo in advance at mas nakakapili ka ng saang maganda at mura.


  • Set to attain endeavors you like to do –  Are you like me na frustrated to learn playing guitar? Can’t finish your scrapbook? or not confident to wear Maxi dress? Set your mind na kaya mo ito kasi madedetalye mo kung kailan at paano mo magagawa. I think dapat ganito ang gawin lalo na nung gustong mag-diet.


  • How to achieve your financial goals –  Paano mo nga pala maba-budget nang maaayos ang iyong pananalapi kung unang-una wala ka namang target amount? At paano ka makaka-quota kung di malinaw kung sa paano at anong paraan mo makukuha iyon? I believe I am “the big picture” lady  because sometimes it’s irritating for me to go on the details.  But knowing I have something to achieve,  I am motivated to do the best that I can kahit wala akong specific analysis or plans. In a way,  aabot ka rin naman sa point na kailangan may to do list ka.


  •  Establish Your Career/ Business – Okay hindi man ito applicable sa karamihan, but if you have goals for your career/ business mas  better.  So what kind of plans you should have for your career?
    1. level up your skills – ex. I am just new on freelancing so I am interested to attend seminars and read tips that can help me to be better in this field. For now, I like to polish my communication and computer skills.
    2. get more connections – Do you know that by seeing and talking to same people all the time may limit you to grow? Ako rin di ko masyado alam, hehehe! But practically, you will have extra points if you know how to socialize. Don’t underestimate  the word of mouth strategy. In fact, recommendations make you even great in the eye of potential employers / clients.


What kind of Planner you’ll need?

5 one bookmarkWala akong sponsor so I can’t name any brand – just kidding. Actually it depends on your lifestyle and personality. Ang daming magagandang planners, kung usapang design, sa market. Pero  bat ka naman bibili ng bulky planner/ organizer na ang tendency ay iiwan mo lang at di magagamit? It’s up to you which design and brand of planner you like but I suggest to choose the one na…

  • dapat kasya sa everyday-bag mo na laging nandyan to set dates,  organize your tasks in a day or a week, and to set your mind.
  • Ito yung tipo ng notebook na ibabandera mo araw-araw. Hindi  mo ikakahiyang ilabas at pagsasawaan na tingnan
  • di puwedeng walang – phone book, notepad, holidays, numbers to call in case of emergency, at personal information form – yes yung may SSS#, Pag-ibig, Passport # , at iba pa.


 Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Let’s plan to wiser and happier 😉


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