5 Perks You Ought To Know About Telecommuting

In my last post, I shared five problems about work from home in the Philippines based on my own experiences and other true-to-life stories I’ve learned.   (I am not closing my door, but so far) Despite of the challenges I mentioned, I don’t think I’ll be an office-based employee again.   It’s either I already embraced the whole package or I’m such an impractical person. But let me give you five reasons or perks in telecommuting:

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Say Goodbye to Traffic; Save Your Energy for Stuff that Matters
.  Whenever I go out and traffic, that’s also when I feel vindicated of my decision to go freelance.  I used to spend 2-4 hours to arrive  on  time in my former work places. That’s the usual ha, because heavy rains, massive street rallies and other stuff were another problems.

Currently, the traffic I know has something to do with downloading, uploading, buffering or signal that last minutes or seconds only.  Apart from slow internet connection, one factor of my so called “traffic” is my vehicles – I’m using oldies and not high tech desktop and laptop. So with extra time, I can earn, relax and do more right?

Become productive and achiever
.   My home office is not the usual; it’s separated into two dividers.The front side is my store where I sell Kettle Korn, Pampanga’s Best, prepaid loads ( LoadXtreme and UPS)  and other products, then the second part is my work station.   With my specially designed workplace, I’m both tindera (entrepreneur) and manggagawa (employee).   One of the good distractions I’m experiencing now is the inquiries and orders of clients.   Apart from that, I can also accept several sideline jobs without fear of people accusing me of  moonlighting .

5 one bookmarkRecently nga I realized that my journal become more useful  and not just a thing to plan my goals or dreams. It also a thing to finally organize my schedule.  Dumaan din ako sa  nabato na ako dahil puro goals lang, walang nangyayari.

Enjoy your me time (freedom, privacy, learning etc).  If moderately done and with discipline, definitely there’s more freedom in telecommuting.  If there‘s no work to do or after deadline, then I am free –   to travel, attend workshops, go out with my friends, do crafting, clean,- etcetera. I don’t need to sign leave forms or go to office for the sake of attendance even if I don’t have something to do. Waste of time for me, extra expenses for the company, right?

Time to Explore, Discover What Else You Can Do in Life.  Bob Marley once said “You never know how strong you are, until being strong is your only choice.”  May I give you another concept – “You’ll never know what else you can do in your life if you don’t go out of your comfort zone.”


I am not saying be impulsive risk-taker, but be courageous and have faith in your gifts.  Not all people are good for telecommuting due to various factors, but some can be entrepreneurs or great leaders.  By the way, people are not destined to work for full time or office-based, it’s their choice.

In my case, I think freelancing let me explore other dimensions that possibly I’ll never know/try if I’m still bind to work 9-5 in the office.  My one good example is my pursuit of entrepreneurship, which let me taste how challenging yung sales, marketing and customer service.


The Gabinet's quarter

The Gabinet’s quarter (Aguinaldo Shrine, Cavite)

Experience Healthier, Wiser and Sociable Lifestyle.  Irregular menstrual cycle,  irritating pimples (almost acne na siguro), noticeable hair fall were my little health concerns before I finally get used to freelancing. Now, my face has less to no pimples at all and my mens is regular.  Well I still have to discipline myself when it comes to sleeping on time, but nevertheless I believe I’m bouncier healthier now especially if I exercise often.

I’m still seeing most of my former office-mates (they’re my special friends) but now I’m interacting with  a lot of different individuals like businessmen,   fellow freelancers, bloggers, social media evangelists,  ecommerce advocates ( Digital Filipino team), community service  people, environmentalists, crafters , former classmates, neighbors, friend and of course my family.

Now I feel more human at hindi immortal.

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