#ecomsummit: Data Sharing, Comprehensive Guide for Ecommerce Entrepreneurs

Ecommerce Summit Jovelyn Bajo Calingo

Mrs. Calingo was so serious listening to Ces Cordero Del Mundo’s Talk

The Good thing about Ecommerce Entrepreneur Summit held at Best Western Antel Hotel Last Saturday (August 29, 2015) was it gathered veteran, practicing, neophytes and wannabes under one roof.  It was motivational to meet them all and the same time learn in-depth the field you want to penetrate.

Together with my friend and fellow digital marketing/ ecommerce enthusiast, Jovelyn Bajo-Calingo, we got to know the perks and problems about this online industry at ecomsummit.  Personally, I like to practice ecommerce for my entrepreneurship dream (for my sidelines and future company) so it’s really a must for me to be there.

And my trip all the way from Commonwealth Ave to Makati Ave was absolutely worth it. In fact, what we had that day was a relaxing-type of learning because we’re inside of luxurious hotel and enjoyed palatable food (I super like the chicken meal and spaghetti). But overall, what I like in attending seminars whether in hotel, auditorium or simple room is you’re there because you desire to learn more.  You offer your time, energy and money because you’re investing for your future. Thus, I bet all attendees enjoyed that day like me.

 Veteran practitioners’ insights: Progress, consumers of Ecommerce

a slide show shared at Ecommerce Summit  (by Mannix Pabalan?)

a slide show shared at Ecommerce Summit (by Mannix Pabalan?)

Big names in the industry, Dr. Nick Fontanilla and Jay Bautista, went up on stage first to report about the progress of ecommerce in the Philippines. They also shared our stand versus other countries especially in Southeast Asia.  According to Fontanilla, there’s Ecomi or Ecommerce Index Philippines that gives vital information for government and  business players about the industry.

If you’re still wondering why you should be part of this lucrative and exciting field, Bautista (hope I’m right that it’s him) shared this data…

The reasons consumers choose Ecommerce than traditional

  • Time Saving                                 73%
  • Easy to compare prices                67%
  • No Crowd                                     59 %
  • Less Prices                                  58%
  • Spend less on Gas                      55%
  • Less Taxes                                   30%
  • Other                                             3%

Ecommerce Professionals’ note: Online Shopping is growing

Ecommerce Summit  Online Store contents

Ms. Wilklean Regalado’s report

If you’re a buyer on deal sites, classified ads and online stores, well you’re part of the growing numbers of eConsumers . If you like to switch to the other side and be entrepreneur – that’s also great since you’re familiar already in the mechanics.

Let’s say you have an idea what to sell, but if you are doubting whether it will be a hit or miss – Stephanie Caragos of Syntacties shared you should go on.


“Don’t be too quick to dismiss your product or service as one that can’t be sold online,” a quote on Caragos’ report. “More than 20 million shoppers now online. “

In my personal experience, this is so true as those products you shrug off are selling like hot pancakes on deal sites. I remember there’s a type of speaker that many bought (according to the counter of that site). I actually saw that same speaker on sidewalk of Raon (Manila).   Tricky? Nope! If you’re a buyer, whether that’s little bit expensive or not, it’s more convenient to receive that item right in front of your door steps right? If you’re the seller, then the idea is just find items you can get with cheap prices, but has superb qualities.

EcomSummit’s  major sponsors are Citibank and

Other  parts of this series will be about Digital Marketing strategies, Securing Ecommerce Transactions (how to fight hackers/ phishers), the emergence of mobile marketing/ industry, and solution to your delivery so hope you wait for them.

By the way Ecommerce’ professional Janette Toral, moderator and person behind ecomsummit has online course for those interested to learn Blog & Social Media Entrepreneur ( a part of Ecommerce)Please sign up using the form below. Thank you!


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