Live Brighter: Let Go Energy Vampires

I am one of the participants at the Live Brighter session with The Apprentice Asia season 1 winner Jonathan Allen Yabut .  Yabut, who has a striking persona that doesn’t intimidate, was very encouraging for millennials like us.  He imparted many life lessons and secrets of most successful people have. However for this post, I want to concentrate on the part where he mentioned about The $1.4 Million Lettuce of Delta Airlines

Ayon sa tsika ni Mr. Yabut, the story of Lettuce of Delta Airlines ay nagsimula sa suggestion ng isang empleyado. What if tanggalin sa ingredient ng kanilang sandwich and salad ang lettuce?   Well, ang simpleng   suggestion na  ito ay nagdala sa kanila ng USD 1.4 million saving at magagandang   comment like nagmukhang clutter- free ang kanilang pagkain.  Hindi pa nga nabanggit dito ay ang less food waste.  So Mr. Yabut’s Question is

1video↓Do you have some lettuce in Your Life that You Can Let Go?

Hindi man madali sa gawa pero it’s easier to identify what things you can let go.  Puwedeng it’s the everyday expensive coffee,   weekly   drinking session /shopping spree, or cutting off your cable TV subscription. Pero do you know what’s really hard? It’s who to let go because they can distract you away from your priorities or worst, drain your positive energy. Of course positive energy is our weapon to achieve our short or long terms career, financial, and life goals.  

Sometimes they are not strangers, but people who are close to you that’s why it’s harder.  Pero oo it’s either you have to let them go or learn to brush off their being energy vampires so they will not affect you.   Anyway, meeting them has purposes din naman because as Mr.  Yabut shared you’ll know what you like if you face what you don’t like.  We just need learn to prioritize, say no when needed, so on and so forth.

The Energy Vampires You Should Manage or brush off

Napanood ko June 2, 2015 (naalala- thanks sa FB timeLine) ang interview kay Julie de Azevedo Hanks, PhD, LCSW. According to her, the Energy Vampires you should manage are the following:

  • The Narcissists or the “me first attitude” type. Hanks added that they are not actually bad, but more of “wounded people”
  • The Victim or the “poor me” type – dito ko nakuha yung mayroon lang pa-victim mentality. They’re usually who do the blame games as if the world owe them a lot.
  • The Controller or the “you should follow me” type – after  ko mapanood itong 2 video↓, medyo napadali ang pa-recognize ko na mga taong manipulative type. For me, sometimes these people are hard to brush off become they’re nice to you in some levels or aspects.
  • The Splitter or “ don’t me or else…” type- Para silang Bida-Kontrabida sa teleserye at swak sa kanila ang  title na “Mabuting kaibigan, Masamang kaaway” film ni FPJ.

So with these Lettuce thing, Energy Vampires, and Live Brighter talk (which also featured Sun Life Unit Manager JP Cruz), it’s interesting to note two things to achieve success:

  • It’s not about sacrificing, but recognizing what to filter out in our lives that are unimportant. Ika nga ni Yabut, Work Smart
  • Be with people who can make your life brighter. Find mentors who can guide you or be in an organization that enlighten you to know your purpose. Sabi nga ni Jim RohnYou are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.”

On the other note, puwede rin naman ikaw mismo choose to be a person who can change lives of people like what Sun Life Financial advisors do.  Alam naman natin money management particularly insurance is an uncommon topic sa kwentuhan ng mga millenials and yet very important.


The Live Brighter session with Jonathan Yabut was a Sun Life Financial’s event and held at A Space Makati.

1 Video: Yabut on Lettuce to Let Go  in Our Lives to succeed

2. Energy Vampires of Dr. Hanks


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