YWAM: Private Conversation with Young Driven Foreigners

One day in our lives we will encounter strangers who touch our hearts. On July 14, 2017, that kind of strangers I met were YWAM (Youth With a Mission) members Gloria (a 23- year old Korean) and Rachel (a 19-year old Swiss. I can Na-stretch masyado ang English ko  that I had two meaningful hours with them. And I made a promise to post about our story (kahit  na-late ) because they’re commendable for being passionate about their mission.

(E-English ako besh para maintindihan nila if ever umabot sa kanila ‘to 🙂

Strange! 2 Young Female Foreigners in our street

On that day, Nanay was curious about Gloria and Rachel who were talking/ praying with some students  just outside my home office/store .  Later, it’s them who approached Nanay and asked her what she does and what she wants to pray for.  At first, I am reluctant to join (because I am busy doing something) in their conversation pero Nanay was having a hard time translating “Nanggaling ako sa New Zealand.” She said “I am from New Zealand” so… we had short talk and praying time.

Gloria. Nanay, and Rachel

After we prayed Nanay invited them to go inside our house — meaning they touched her heart and won her trust (unusual ‘yon).

YWAM, who are they?

According to Gloria and Rachel, YAHM is connected to Discipleship Training School (DTS) and their church here in Manila is the Capitol City Baptist Church somewhere in West Avenue, Quezon City.

  • Young disciples from other countries. If I remember it right, they met (with other youths from different countries) first in Australia (to train under DTS) before going in the Philippines to do their outreach.
  • While other youngsters are busy online, they’re busy offline doing outreach programs. On that day, Gloria and Rachel was part of a group of young foreigners. I don’t know if they bring bible, but what they did were just to listen to our stories and pray for our concerns.
  • They’re here for limited time only, and definitely not for travel/ to have fun. I asked them where they want to go here in the Philippines.  Rachel said they are aware how beautiful Philippines is, but they not here to travel. In fact, they’re set to visit few places in Quezon City or Metro Manila and for one to two months only. By the way, they like the warmness of Filipinos.

The more than 2-hour conversation about Faith and Life

I like Gloria and Rachel because despite that they are young they’re motivated by their faith. IMHO, it’s also the reason why they have confidence to do this mission in a foreign land.  Our conversation becomes one of my favorites because I felt that we’re all passionate.

We’re also into arts, Gloria likes to draw/ sketch and Rachel is into drawing/graphic designing.  Gloria even drew me and my nephew while we’re chatting. Since I already went to South Korea, I am enthusiastic to share my good travel words I learned with her.


I already forgot some parts of our talk, but what I remember she shared about the youth in her country, relationship of Japan and Korea, and her probably next move after their YWAM program which she really enjoy.

Rachel, on the other hand, imparted that it’s her faith that gives direction in her life. We talked about different things and  “I made her day” when I greeted her “good morning” in German . But the remarkable part for me was when she opened up about her dad who passed away two years ago.

It’s good thing that Rachel lets God helps her. However like anyone else, she admitted that sometimes she questions things like why her father died.  I shared with her my realization when Itang ( my grandfather) died in 2014 that something like…

“It’s really hurtful to lose someone, but each of us has own journey and time on earth.  We can’t predict when our loved ones will leave us. But we should be thankful (to God) that we experienced special moments with them. Those memories will eventually hone us and become part who we are.”

Itang and Mamang taught me to see beauty and happiness in simplicity.

My realizations about prayer from  YWAM disciples 

  •  prayer is your personal communication with God
  • prayer helps and empowers
  • to pray for someone is a choice of your heart, not your mind
  • to pray is to also listen to your self and HIS message to you
  • to pray with other people is to unite your spirit by faith


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