The Passion Continues: 4th Impact shares their next game plans

Before 4th Impact joined X Factor UK, I knew that they were Cercados (or the Gollayan Sisters), the Filipino group who bagged gold medals in the World Championships of Performing Arts or WCOPA. Then, M.I.C.A.,   the all-female quartet band who competed in the Korean Show Superstar K6.  In fact, it’s them who introduced WCOPA and Superstar K to me. So the more they join singing/ talent contest; the more I get to know them, the different singing competitions, and the art of singers.

(Bes, mag-i-English ako para sa kanilang mga supporters abroad..tyagin mo na ang errors)

Wind Beneath 4th Impact’s Wings

Fortunately, I got the chance to interview 4th Impact after the media conference proper for National Arts Month celebration at the NCCA’s lobby building. I wasn’t expecting to see them there because if ever, I probably had a set of questions. BUT… It’s not hard actually to approach them and think of impromptu questions. They exude friendly and positive vibe so…

(my interview chenes sa baba⇓)

I wasn’t able to record all their messages during the mediacon, but overall they openly expressed…

  • How grateful they are to National Commission on Culture and the Arts (NCCA)
  • They support NCCA’s programs for the National Arts Month celebration and will perform there
  • They encourage fellow Filipinos to pursue their dreams in singing or other  arts

    Ang 4th Impact ay ang isa sa guest performer sa mediacon ng NAM

They also gracefully performed Isang Lahi, and then,  Like a Bridge Over Troubled Water.

Apart from those, it’s also heartwarming to see their mother Erlinda Gollayan Cercado and their relationship with her.  I told Mrs. Cercado that I am amazed that she really goes with her daughters and very supportive of their dreams, like what I saw in X Factor.

From my point of view, it’s different from being “a stage parent.”  What she shows is the kind of support you wish you have from your parent(s) when you’re pursuing your dreams.  Something like #WindBeneathMyWings.


(Oh I am teary-eyed now while typing… I just remember the image of Mang Gerry Velasquez when I saw him while waiting outside of a restaurant in West Avenue when her daughter Asia’s Songbird Regine Velasquez had an event there).

Shedding my tears away (anyway), I learned from Mommy Erlinda that she’s actually the costume designer of 4th Impact. Wow! SuperMom!

Interview with 4th Impact

Before I started, I told them that it’s just a short interview. But geez, there were too many questions that keep on popping in my mind.  So from one or two, I managed to make it 5 (tinipid ko na yun) with “one last na lang” antic every after they answered. Possibly, if it was an one-on-one interview I could make it two-hours. 🙂

So  below are the videos of my interview with the world-class talented Filipino singing group 4th Impact.

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