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One day I received a text message from my friend. She asked me (survey lang daw) “Anong mga factors ang iko-consider mo para lumipat ng company” or the factors to quit your job and find new one.  Here are my answers with additional ideas and tips:resignation

  1. I am not happy anymore or already demoralized. As employees we’re driven because of something  we value (money, challenge or passion ) . Kapag nawalan ka na ng gana o naramdaman mo wala ng respeto sa iyo, maiiba na kahit pa ang mindset mo. Parang pilit na lang lahat ng gagawin o kaya konting kibot ay magiging sensitive ka. Better to quit your job than to become unprofessional and rebellious. Save your image, passion, and your good relationship with your company. There are petty issues na hinga lang ng malalim o iutot mo sa CR that would only last for a period of time. However, there are concerns that either you embrace or have to let go. Resignation is ideally just closing a chapter (not burning bridges) to explore new exciting ones. Furthermore, gossiping, laziness, and tardiness would not take you somewhere other than suspension or termination.


  1. If I think I can do what I like to do in other company. Millennial tayo so may pagka-Yolo. I think it’s not about being loyal to a company anymore, but being loyal to your priorities, values, and well-being. Just following orders will not promote you or give your higher salary. It boils down to your performance based on what you see and feel about your job.  Doon papasok yung kung mahal mo ang trabaho mo, mamahalin ka rin nito. If you passionately do your duties despite of problems and shortcomings and not only because of the salary, go for it ‘di ba?!


  1. I need better compensation package – I like a company that’s not only pay me justly, but also take care of me with their benefit and leeway (perks) offers. If I have to choose between higher fee o flexible time, I’ll choose being in control of my time. It’s also because I like to value my work-life balance and I have different Biological Prime time. Saka   Mabilis ang takbo ng oras ngayon, madaling tumanda (dalaga?) at habang single pa kaya gawin na ang magagawa mo for your “self-worth” and health. Another thing, wag masyadong mabait sa sahod dahil baka inaabuso ka na, hindi ka pa aasenso.


  1. I am not culturally fit with them – Swak ba ako sa company or outcast? I believe I am adaptable naman, but of course to a certain extent. I can easily jive with cowboys, geeks, introverts, extroverts, conservatives, older, younger, liberals, etc. However, I admit it’s hard for me to be with people who are unapproachable, forceful, manipulative, and self-absorbed.  Okay lang naman to work with them, pero if “I feel something strange in my neighborhood” I call ghostbusters it quits. You can’t be a team player with people who dislike you or hard to please.

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  1. Go LBM! – Mayabang na ako ngayon, ako na nagpa-fire ng boss. Charrot lang! Honestly, I don’t quit from a company merely because of ill-tempered bosses. What I weigh is the management of the company (unless one-man company ito). May mga boss na moody and super strict, but good in handling people.  If we’re going to the business side, it’s hard to rely on a boss naman who’s so temperamental that he can’t be professional and enterprising.   Hihintayin mo bang kasama kang bumagsak kasama n’ya at ng kompanya? Maawa tayo sa health natin, wag tayong patalo sa stress. On the other hand, I consider bad system na ang dahilan kapag may problema ang company na hindi naman nila naso-solve o ginagawan ng aksyon.  For example, I had a gig before that the HR manager always gave different reasons why our fees were always delayed. She even used bank woes as an excuse ( as if I can’t call my bank). Whether she’s telling the truth or not, it doesn’t matter.  it’s obvious that she’s incompetent and the company’s tolerating her?  So go look for better management (LBM) na lang, mahirap mag-stay with the hopeless and be hopeless (stay in the rat race) 



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6 thoughts on “5 Reasonable Factors To Quit Your Job

  • Dems

    Gusto ko sana i-share ito sa Facebook account ko pero for the sake of being “professional” and thinking about my future employment, hindi na lang. Thus, this comment.

    I have to agree on all points. My reasons for quitting my day job, despite receiving good pay for someone with my background (or the lack of it), was not something that I decided on a whim. I felt my future was uncertain since we do not have employee benefits and medyo napapadalas yung pag ka delay ng sahod.

    Also, with the stress you get from commuting on top of your demanding responsibilities, tapos wala ka pa nga health benefits, mas pinili ko yung peace of mind. Plus being able to pursue stuff that makes me happy and have creative freedom.

    Management is another matter. 🙂

    • Hitokirihoshi Post author

      Totoo n’yan medyo may doubt din akong pag-usapan itong topic na ito sa social media. Subalit, naalala ko I am blogging as Hitokirihoshi naman, I am sharing of ideas about career in general, and kaya yung photo ang ginamit ko, may nagtanong lang talaga sa akin na sinagot ko. hehehe

      Apir, we’re on the same page and it’s good that you mention about “creative freedom.” Kaya nagtatagal ako sa blogging siguro. Isa itong long-time passion side project for me na outlet para maibahagi ko ang aking sarili at magkaroon ng pagkakataon na i-explore pa ang mga sides na hindi ko mata-tap sa pagiging ordinaryong empleyado lamang. See nag-meet tayo through blogging , apir ulit!

      Kasama ang journey ng pagiging empleyado sa ating buhay kaya magandang pinag-iisipan at pinagpaplanuhan ito. Sa bandang huli yung mga pinagdaanan natin, masaya o malungkot, ang nagbibigay ng motivation para mas kilalanin pa natin ang totoong mahalaga sa atin. I agree peace of mind is priceless and benefits are essentials. 😉 health is wealth!