Boost Your Well-being with Charity and Policy

Do you notice that most of the time, dramatic scenes happen when someone is severely ill or depressed? That’s not a fiction but the reality we face day to day. Look in the mirror and ask that reflection – are you happy and secured? If not, what are the things that will make you sincerely feel that your well-being is fine? Possibly charity works and health policy can help you.

Feel your Humanity- share

Blogapalooza 2014 habitat for HumanityI read some articles that suggest volunteering/ giving in community works has many benefits including heart health and people skills. Being an ambivert – I agree with that because as much as I cherish my “me time”, I also recognize that being socially active can shape up our well-being. Imparting our time and energy with others is experiencing hope, gratitude and blessings.

Last year’s super typhoon and earthquake hit our kababayan in Visayas especially in Samar, Leyte, Bohol, Cebu, Capiz and Iloilo. My mother is from Guian, Easter Samar so we know what super typhoon Yolanda brought in our relatives’ lives during and after the storm. There’s point that you want to help but you don’t know where to start and your doubting if your assistance is really worthy – I felt that.

Habitat for Humanity Philippines was one of the participating institutions in Blogapalooza. They were there to promote the re-launch of ReBuild Philippines with Online Champion, Race to 200K campaign. I’m eager to join as well as to recommend this program to those who want to help but can’t personally build houses ( one of Habitat’s famous activities) or donate money. Let’s make our online presence become more meaningful for our Kababayan who want to rebuild their houses and lives.

To learn and start your giving happiness – please visit this link

Take care of your health- Plan

emergency fundI hate rushing to emergency room, I hate going to hospital even there’s handsome doctor who look like Jamie Dornan, Hugh Dancy or Brad Pitt who will take care of me. But I know going to hospital, be it checkup or medication, is not something that I can avoid all my life. I may as beautiful and healthy as Natalie Portman or Jennifer Garner (just wishing) but I need to secure my health as much as I can.

This where having health plan/ policy comes in like health maintenance organization (HMO)  offers for individuals, employees and family. Why am I contemplating on this? Of course, I don’t plan to get sick but I like the idea that when if really have to go in hospital – i can choose the best one and i don’t need to shell out cash – just my health card.  I think it’s also fit for small-medium entrepreneur, self-employed and freelancers.


If there are phases in life,there are also cycles you have no choice but to go through. It’s up to you how you gonna keep up and be happy.

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