5 Reasons Why I blog in Filipino

One of the questions of those who find me or my website interesting is why I blog in Filipino.  Perhaps, some of them thought that I’m not comfortable to write in English or I’m just limiting myself to reach wider audience.  Well, their opinions are true. But to give you more ideas bakit ako nagba-blog sa Tagalog o Filipino, here are my reasons:

Mabuhay Restop’s I Am Filipino Art Exhibit

Because of WordPress/ and its setting in Filipino

(Cropped) My photo with Mr. Matt Mullenweg, CEO of automatic and creator of WordPress.com, at WordCamp, College of St. Benilde

Somewhere in time (charr) I personally met and heard from Mr. WordPress Matt Mullenweg (2 times), himself, that he’s wondering why most Filipino bloggers prefer to post articles in English.  If I remember it correctly, Mullenweg said he understands that Philippines is one of the largest English speaking countries, but they (WP) still assume/expect Filipinos to blog in their native language. In this way, blogging community becomes bigger and reach specific readers (a.k.a niche market).

Ever since na nalaman  ko na may Filipino setting  ang wordpress.com,  ‘yon na ang setting ko in my first ever blog Kwentotpaniniwalanihitokirihoshi.wordpress.com. Dahil nga doon ay I discovered what’s website (pooksasapot) and email (sulatroniko) in Filipino. I also found many Pinoy bloggers around the globe and also their top posts all over world wide web.

In that setting ay mas madali mag- bloghopping, link building, and maki-tsika with other Filipino bloggers (wherever they are).  In my first few years in blogging, mostly mga personal bloggers ang ka-blog ko and the feel was, I’m only exchanging ideas and realizations in life. Siguro that’s also my first taste of social networking and content marketing. Very valuable for me kasi dati I’m contented to write in diary only. #makahiya

Advertisers and PR Firms also work with content creators in Filipino

I’m frustrated before kasi hinihindian ako ng Google Adsense. They had this rule that majority of my posts should be in English. Medyo na-hurt ako and I wonder why they don’t cater Filipino content creators, eh mayroon din namang Filipino readers.

Erica Hanson of Google ( G Day / 2014)

I admit that I also tried to blog in English for the sake of monetization. It came to a point that I had to decide whether to blog for money or blog for passion. I always ended up choosing the latter no matter what.  Then one day an Ambient Digital staff talked with me (in person and may pa-presentation) to be part of their partner publishers, and eventually Google Adsense also caters sites using Filipino like mine. They approve my application after a month.  So I’m more than satisfied in my decision to blog in Filipino.

If we also notice, there a lot of Filipino sites and publishers/ content creators (including local vloggers) who earn money que balbal na Tagalog pa ang kanilang language.  All along what really relevant is (the basic tip) “content is king” and how you will reach your target audience. Mag-a-adjust din ang big companies like Google depending on market clamors, local/ international.


Chacha Cañete at Johnson’s Baby Powder Playtime Factory

Because Blogging in Filipino is niche blogging too

I have two inspirations behind this post. These two were the latest persons who asked me the same question in my title, and also inquired about my experiences. Gusto rin nila malaman kung kumikita ako sa ganito. Bahala kayo mag-isip hehehe.

One of them shared that he’s searching bloggers who write in Filipino, at nakita n’ya ako na isa o tanging may ganitong klaseng site. That’s the point already, madali n’ya ako nakita because I’m part of the unique / few online creators who blog in Filipino.  Pinoy readers is my niche market, which I only realized not long time ago.

‘Yong ibinahagi ng Peso Sense ang post ko na ‘di ko alam.

I’m okay if in case they’re not convinced sa aking reasons. Ako naman ay tinanong lang at sumagot, hindi ko nilalako na mag-blog ang sinuman sa Filipino. From time to time, I also blog in English for some good reasons and I also encountered visitors who commented why my particular posts are not written in English. The answer hindi s’ya belong sa main target readers ko– Filipinos all over the world. However, I can translate naman in my excellent distinct barubal English .

There many blogs / sites out there that already informative and entertaining. Practically, mahirap ng maki-share sa readers nila so I am serving those who prefer to read Filipino contents.  Iba rin ang saya if you get to know Filipinos from different places/ countries and interests.

The following sample of posts/comments  serve  as inspirations and proof that I am serving my niche market:


Because it’s “Me,” my voice, and I in Filipino   

Mayroon akong regular readers na nasundan ang journey ko sa blogging. Kapag sila ang nagko-comment medyo conscious ako because I know that they’re all very good in English- tipong Grammar Nazi level.  Pero conscious lang ako if my post is in English.  So why I have to experience that misery?

Then, may time pa nga na nag-comment ang isa sa kanila na “prolific blogger” daw ako because I post often (hindi na masyado ngayon). Possibly, my secrets in being quick to post or prolific blogger are

  • Blog about my interests, experiences, realizations, and anecdotes
  • Blog in the medium that allows me to express my ideas easy–breezy

Mayroon din isa sa kanila, who brutally, commented na iba na raw ang binabasa n’yang blog, mag-Filipino na lang ako. I don’t know if I gravely offended him with my wrong grammar (hahahaha), but he’s right. My writing voice is different when I write in English . Ano ba ang kadalasang sinusulat ko in English?  Letter, thesis, reports etc.

Bukod din sa nosebleed na ako, my nuances come naturally if I write in my native language. And come to think of it, who will understand my expressions such as “charot,” “eddie,” “hello,” “mabuhay!”  “gogo sago,” and  “hohoho” except my Fellow Filipino millennials and readers? Who will be interested and understand my stories about OFWs, Isawan, and penchant of Anime and Korean series?

When Union of Filipinos with Foreign Spouses finds my post inspiring

Because I see potentials and limits in it

It’s hard to continue a career that you think there’s no growth. On the other hand, it is also easier to get lost in the wilderness if you don’t set boundaries.

to advocate

In terms of topics- I acknowledge that my site is like a chopsuey because I blog about business, personal finance, travel, entertainment, arts and culture, and other interests (for me Hoshilandia is a personal lifestyle blogzine). I don’t limit myself to post articles under one category or it will kill my productivity (but I will try to organize stuff).

By the way I created …

In the Entertainment Zone for my stories, reviews, and reflections about TV shows, movies, celebrities, music, and books.

Career 2.0 for my tips, analysis, and stories about career, freelancing, and other employment issues in the Philippines.

Nakikita ko rin ang maraming ideas and opportunities sa pagba-blog sa Tagalog as well as its limitations.

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